Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0494 4.7.1938

Closeness to the Lord ....
Childlike trust ....
Simple form ....

The days of your life will pass in orderly activity, so that you need never fear to be anxious about your physical well-being, for you will always be given what you need for life on earth.  But in all your activity you must never forget the Lord .... what is around you will pass away, but what is above you will remain for eternity.  And therefore the salvation of the soul alone shall be important to you as long as you live on earth.  The Savior is always with you, therefore you should always try to make yourself worthy of His closeness.

It is up to you humans to approach the Lord full of trust or to stay far away, but the one who seeks the Lord's nearness will always have an advantage, because the Savior welcomes him in all love ..... He rejoices in every child who seeks Him and comes to Him with childlike trust.  And without hesitation He will take such a child to His heart and make him partaker of all graces and heavenly joys.  He will present him with all wisdom .... He will give him light and illuminate him with His sun of grace and gladden his heart in every way.

And every good work that this child does bears witness to his good will.  But where the Lord recognizes the good will, He comes to meet the earthly child with all help and grace and takes care that this child remains His.  He will give him the farthest sight, that his spirit stays far above the earth and that it, although it still stays bodily on earth, turns back into the spheres of the eternal spirit-beings .....

From there help will be offered to him when the earthly child is less able to cope with the demands which the spirit-life makes on him.  For such is their task, to consider every earthly being with the utmost strength, if it has once found the knowledge of an eternal God ..... When the Lord expresses Himself, He always does so in the simplest form, because the earthly child should never be inhibited in it's childlike trust .... and that he should find simple words to the Father as His most faithful, devoted and loving child.

And this child will then be richly provided for .... it will never need to starve, neither physically nor in his soul.  He should only desire the Father with all his heart .... He must spare no effort and patiently and humbly accept every adversity on earth, as if it were imposed on him by the Father .... he must recognize that all these are only for the salvation of his soul and are therefore only ever a proof of the Divine Savior's love .... Then he will surely reach he goal .... he will receive the Lord into his heart and never let go of Him, Who will also not leave His child in eternity ....




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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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