Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0553 22.8.1938

Protection against earthly power through God's power ....

I help My own to great strength, if they only ask for it in innermost humility.  Behold, you My children, I promise you eternal life and will give it to you in all glory .... And if you now trust Me believingly, you will never be left without help where you need it.  And therefore you shall give a testimony to the world how far your power reaches when you trust your Lord and Saviour and command a halt in His name there where they want to harm you as My disciples .... You do not have the least power out of yourselves, but in My name, you will be able to do everything with strong faith and full trust in Me, your God, your Creator and Redeemer ....

Whoever wants to master the world must have authority from the Divine Teacher and be equipped with full power .... and if I want to give you both, then you must never hesitate to accept this, and you will be able to work extraordinary things when it is a matter of spreading the word of the Lord through this .… and so each of you who stand up for Me and My name, will have the right and the power to defy and resist the world and it's desire, if this desire is directed against My teaching.

The slightest confidence in My help makes you so strong that you can defy earthly power, and you will never need to fear to be abandoned by My love. .... I am near you and will not tolerate that you are harmed in soul or body.  But each of you has the duty to serve Me faithfully, you only have to give Me the honor, and that all the time .... because no-one can serve two masters .... and if you make concessions to the world, your strength will decrease accordingly, and you will waver in faith and trust in Me ....

Therefore, beware of becoming unfaithful to yourselves .... And remember that the world will use all means to bring you down .... Then remember your Savior, who also withstood the tempter .... A pure heart never has to fear that the evil influence will gain power over it, if it only remains in this purity .… For in such pure hearts, I Myself dwell and will never tolerate that uncalled ones presume to destroy My work .... From such hearts, My Spirit speaks .... My love dictates these words .... And My willing children accept the words and make them their own.  If now against this word is fought, the fight is against Myself .... How then should I be defeated in the battle, since everything is subject to Me since eternity ....

And so I call out to the world: Leave Mine untouched, because what you want to inflict on them will only fall back on yourselves .... You yourselves will have to endure everything you want to do to Mine .... you will have to suffer if you want to let Mine suffer .… For because I give power to these, they will also exercise it against you, and you will then have to recognize under which protection the ones who are Mine ..… Because I will always protect them from earthly power, and only My will will be able to rule over them, but not the will of those who act against My name and want to take away the most blessed teaching from mankind ..... But those will be unmasked very soon and reap the reward of their shameful activity already on earth.

So each one shall use the power with which I give him in the best .... Considered in this way, it will be a blessing to the faithful .... but a sign of eternal glory to the unfaithful .... it will be a warning sign to the erring and a welcome protection to those who live in the Lord, love Him and serve Him .... because the Lord protects them as long as they stay on earth, so that they can fulfill their task and never need to fear earthly power ....




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