Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0554 23.8.1938

Transition into the spiritual world ....
Will ....
Spiritual powers ....

If the desire arises in the soul to serve only the Lord of heaven and earth, then all good spirit-beings intercede for it, support and promote such a soul, in order to put it soon into the state where the soul unites with the Spirit.  Under certain conditions, the soul will turn more and more to the spiritual, and this happens to a great extent when there are no obstacles in it's way caused by the more worldly desires of the body.

The further the world is removed from the senses, the more unhindered the soul can pursue it's activity, and only in such pure spiritual work, it will find it's satisfaction.  But people who cannot separate themselves from the world, from matter, will not be able to reach this state, because such people lack the inner urge, and this is indispensable for the promotion of spiritual activity.  Wherever the opportunity presents itself to escape from the cares of the world, and in their place is substituted the care of the soul, a success will be achieved which is infinitely more valuable than the benefit that earthly activity can ever bring to a human.

There are not many who can turn away so completely from worldly duties, worries and worldly pleasures .... but these few can be called unspeakably rich, since they are in full possession of their spiritual abilities .... and can use them beneficially for eternity.  But once a person has found the transition to the spiritual world, the earthly world no longer seems desirable to him .... he walks through the earthly valley until the end of his life, but without gaining any charm from it, which could be harmful to his soul-life.

Only in view of eternity, in the recognition of the Divine Creator and His works, he looks at the earth and all creations with spiritual eyes, and only this brings him benefit for his soul .... because it increases the love for the Father of all existence .... it awakens unlimited reverence and unconditional submission to the Divine will .… And so the soul offers itself to the heavenly Father by completely submitting to Him and striving for union with the Divine Spirit in the will to reach God.

It will also succeed in a short time, because the will is always decisive, and so the will of a human child alone will always be evaluated and this will also be fulfilled as much as possible .... and the deeper and more intimate the desire is, the more surely the desire will also be fulfilled .... Because everything what you want, you will receive, if you only ask for it from the heart .… Thus man prepares for himself the condition in which he finds himself ..... For he will always receive what he strives for in his innermost heart and therefore he will not be able to blame anyone but himself if his situation is not satisfactory.

He has it completely in his own hands to shape himself, and the spiritual power, which he attracts through his will, will always help him .... the good or the evil .... But where man lets himself be guided by love, there he will by no means have to fear walking on wrong ways, but every action will result in a separation of the soul from the body, i.e. from bodily desires, and nothing stands in the way of the soul's union with it's spirit.  God's love is infinite and also seeks to intervene everywhere where the soul still walks in blindness, and if only man then willingly surrenders himself to the quiet guidance, then full light will become his on earth ....




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