Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0570 5.9.1938

Releasing the mind from the body ....
Answer all questions ....

The power of the spirit penetrates into infinity, the body, however, can only take in what is imparted to the mind by the spirit, and so it will always be a question of how far the body grants the spirit in itself the right to separate from it, and that by the willing yielding of the body .... by the occupation of the thoughts with the spiritual.  All matter will interfere between spirit and body.  If now the body can cause a detachment from matter as far as possible, then the way to infinity, is made free for the spirit in him.

All problems which touch people and whose solution seems important to them, can now be submitted to the spirit, and the immersion in purely Divine miracles of creation soon results in a clear solution of such questions ..... Because there is only one truth, and this is to be grasped only with the spirit, which is God's, but never with what still belongs to the earth, to the purely human thinking .… Only when the thinking of man has subordinated itself to the spirit in him, he can be led into the truth ..... For God gives him the knowledge then, when man has given himself to Him and strives to fulfill his task on earth.  Man may dare to approach the greatest problem, and he will get an answer to his questions, if he only always desires this in order to attain the state of maturity.

To connect earthly interests with it is not permissible, because everything spiritual must completely separate from materialism to be purest truth.   Without reservation is given to those who see their mission in life as serving God and fulfilling His will.  To these the Lord hands out unlimited .... they may only always turn to Him in order to be fully heard, for a willing soul on earth is an instrument in the hands of God .... such soul is called to participate in the Lord's work of redemption on earth, will therefore gladly and willingly comply with all it's tasks and thus again work for the blessing of fellow humans, for the connection with the heavenly Father will guide it into the eternal truth ....



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