Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0589 19.9.1938

Boundaries of the mind ....
The worldly wise ....
"I know that I know nothing ...."

At the limits of intellect, the working of the spiritual forces must begin, because you humans would never be able to solve the riddles of nature with your knowledge, if not also these forces would want to impart knowledge to you, that you could easily be introduced to the rule of the Divine creation.  The spirits that are around you teach you and try to direct your thoughts in such a way that they come closer to the truth.  And the more you find the faith in you .... the more you feel the essence of the Godhead in you, the brighter and clearer these thoughts will be able to penetrate into you.

Only he who believes to be able to fathom completely by his own strength what the Father of the universe has still veiled, his struggle for knowledge will remain unsuccessful for a long time. .... He will always not be quite sure of his success .... doubts will always arise in him about the truth of his findings, and he will have to admit the insufficiency of his knowledge with the words: "I know that I know nothing".  But the inner connection with God gives him the key to all knowledge and at the same time the guarantee to be on the right way and to be in fullest truth.  God has arranged it in such a way that the spiritual life in man is completely separate from purely earthly efforts and that the spiritual bridge is only entered by those who are absorbed in the spiritual and whose actions are rooted in the knowledge of their belonging to God.

Let the wise of the world search and ponder .... The Lord has set His limits, which they cannot cross without His assistance, and this again must be asked for fully consciously .... For he who thinks himself above prayer, is on the way to losing himself completely .... However, who is able to send up a heartfelt prayer to the Father of the universe, he already works with spiritual power and can now continue his research and pondering without having to fear to go wrong. .... For the help he asks for is granted to him from the very beginning.  For the truly pious man, thoughts come very easily, that he only needs to take them in and a knowledge is opened up to him about all things that seem desirable to him to investigate.

However, if such people express their experiences, they will always meet with hostility and rejection from those who alone believe to possess the ability to find authoritative insights, and thus the one who does not know God, correctly will always fight against the other. .... The worldly wise with his supposed knowledge and the seeker of truth, who stands in deepest humility to God and wants to serve Him and the people, to whom this truth is transmitted in richest measure by the Lord Himself. But the world will never let itself be convinced how little it can achieve in the field of knowledge by it's own strength.

It will rather oppose everything to this right endeavor and will want to persecute and pillory the bearers of truth ..... But as long as the Lord Himself works through them, any action against this, is fruitless.  The power of the worldly people is small, yet they are also able to carry out their shameful intentions through free will, but the effect will be weakened by God, so that the God-willing child need not fear at all to fall victim to these counter-efforts .... The last decision is always in the hands of the heavenly Father, but in order not to impair the free will of man, he must let every man act as he likes ..... But He protects His own from the poisonous saliva of those world-corrupters and brings about a confusion in their own ranks which makes them pay attention.

The laws of nature are always the cause for well-calculated results ..... But if now the wise Godhead itself overturns such a law, because it has the power for it from eternity, and the people then stand helplessly before phenomena for which they do not know any explanations, then the proof is given to them that their knowledge alone is still very incomplete.  And so generations can deal with problems again and again .... they will never come to the final solution on purely intellectual ways, but will be completely initiated and enlightened with God's help in the shortest time. If you ask for it, you will never walk in darkness and on wrong ways, but your way will lead you safely to the eternal home, because God Himself has shown it to you ....




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