Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0590 20.9.1938

Revelation of the love for God
Father's love

It is unspeakably blissful to win the kingdom of God, and the urge to ascend is mighty when the love of God has revealed itself to the earthly child.  For man dwells in earthly regions as long as his spirit is veiled, but as soon as the grace of God pours over the earthly child, acquired by working in love, the soul will release itself from it's veiling and seek it's goal in the union with the Spirit of God.  It will become apparent to how all spirit emanates from God, Who brings about the ennoblement of man. .... And it will never fail to obtain and ask for God's grace, so that it will not lack the understanding to recognize what is right and to use it's time on earth according to God's will.

Because when God's love has revealed itself, the earthly child is never able to let go of it's Creator and now chooses the shortest way which leads him to the Father, and will direct all his attention to establish the right relationship to the heavenly Father, which then also secures the fullness of Fatherly love for him again.  For God promises His children eternal life .... and wants them to participate in His power and His glory.

Whoever wants to see the glory of God must feel like a child of the Father, love Him above all else, and out of this love will grow the strength to live only according to the divine will.  In this way, the way to eternal bliss will be easy, and it will not require much effort.  Whoever joyfully submits to the will of God, the Lord takes possession of him, equips him with His power, strengthens him with His love, and prevents him from ever deviating from the right path, but always strives upward ....



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