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BD 0595 25.9.1938

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In this consecrated hour the Lord speaks to you through His servant John and gives you news of things that are beyond the general knowledge and which are to contribute to enlighten.  Because there are determined in heaven and on earth such, which represent the mediator office .... which receive and give from God .... and which mediate these gifts again to humans.  Every tool on earth is under divine protection, so that the words, given from above, are also received and passed on purely. What is spread over the earth in this time of messages, always remains an incomprehensible blessing for the people.

Every teaching of God is opposed by opposing powers who want to destroy what the Lord God Himself wants to build up, and if now a danger threatens from this side, the Lord will inform you beforehand to prevent this intention which is meant for this work and therefore for the pure Word of God Himself.  Attempts after attempts will fail, which are always directed against the Word of God.  All recognition of the Divine wisdom is of no avail against the lack of understanding of people who only reckon with earthly powers and pay no attention to everything spiritual.  A sharp border will be drawn, because everything spiritual will unite and separate from the world of thinkers and know-it-alls, who deny every spiritual power.

People demand evidence of such a force and would be just as unbelieving when faced with obvious evidence; only at a distance would they want to recognize a miraculous intervention of a divine power, but even then to a limited extent.  Because science has to register successes all around, and such will push back faith more and more, but people do not consider that also these successes were given to the people more or less by spiritual power .... that this spiritual power has expressed itself through all the people who made new discoveries and inventions in the field of the science.

The more simple-minded a person is, the more deeply he can devote himself to faith, but the worldly wise .... men of understanding would also have to recognize their cleverness as a gift of the highest Deity .... as a spiritual expression of power, which turns more to some people, less to others.All spirit from God stimulates the human being .... the more intensively this spirit of God flows into the human being, the more active will also be the creation of such a human being .... that therefore the spirit and the divine power is cause for every earthly invention .... but that all this is a dead beginning, only of use to the world and earthly followers, as long as it is not recognized as a purely divine product, but the human being claims the recognition of his achievement for himself.

Every man carries out only what is given to him as assignment, and this commissioner is always the Eternal Deity, Who presides over everything what is created with His will .... and every man is always only an executor of the will of God in everything that arises .... But the human being - out of own will - uses his creative power and creative force which comes to him from God, to let works arise which are not useful for the common good of mankind.  This is against God's order and can never be approved.  If everything that is created by human hands and to which God gives His power would always correspond to the good sense, then such a work would truly remain blessed by the Lord for a long time, and only good would always adhere to such works and endure.

The inventions, which again are to fulfill their purpose only in the destruction, cannot be blessed by the Lord at all, although also the divine power has animated man and produced earthly things.  The power goes to every human without distinction, but the own will uses this power for good or evil, because evil powers also try to exert their influence, and man accepts such influence willingly, using the Divine power, but submitting to evil.  Furthermore, people in their arrogance want to attribute all successes to themselves .... deep, serious reflection should teach them that they have not created themselves this way, that their intelligence is also a gift of a higher power, which can not be arbitrarily appropriated by anyone.

Thus, God equips each one differently and gives each one the gifts that enable him to live his higher development.  Spiritual striving brings him no visible benefit, and therefore he also leaves this urgent necessity aside.  He uses himself exhaustively, and the gifts given to him for the purpose of spiritual development have just the opposite effect .... to place his own ego even higher, instead of giving thanks and honor to the Divine Creator, Who has given to him so richly in His love as a small being.

The untiring spiritual work earns man the highest reward in eternity .... but the earthly work can still be so valuable for the earthly existence and also be of advantage to countless people, it will not show any significant advantage for eternity, because the most significant work on earth is invalid in view of death .... The soul cannot take any of it's work on earth to the beyond, unless it has been stimulated by overwhelming love for the fellow human being and the works have been created purely out of mercy and love for the neighbor.  Then God does not value the work, but the degree of love of the creator.

Thus the understanding wisdom can well become the great blessing, for the fellow man as well as for the man himself ...., however, only where this is recognized as a gift of God and is received in deepest humility and gratitude.  Because there the childlike relationship to the heavenly Father is not disturbed, but established in all intimacy, and thus the knowledge of man can unfold beneficially and assume it's highest extent, because the Father will always increase this gift where it finds correct application.  The light will therefore always shine brightly and clearly where the Divine power comes to light, and this power will express itself where wisdom originating from God, is recognized.  Such people can be completely permeated by the Spirit of God, and their senses will never apply to earthly possessions, but only to the exploration of Divine wisdom ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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