Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0629 19.10.1938

Capture of the servants of God ....
Earthly power ....

And those who proclaim My name before all the world .... will be taken captive.  But those who remain in Me even in adversity, will have a constant companion in Me on this earth.  The present attempts to want to alienate Me completely from the people will be destroyed by those, and for this I want to bless them.  Whoever adheres to My name and stands up for it will receive so many proofs of My grace and love that his faith will become stronger and stronger and his zeal greater and greater, and thus a whole army of My fighters will take up the fight with full conviction and a flaming heart.

The world will give it's promise to anyone who goes against My teaching, but I give My promise to My fighters, who will be small in number compared to the enemies, but immensely strong because they are equipped with My power .... So they will not need to fear those who want to destroy them .... I have called them, they carry out My order, My love and My blessing accompany them, and so the victory will also be on their side .... The worldly power can well oppose My word and force My proclaimer, but it will never be able to prevent that My word finds entrance into the hearts of people, and so it has already worked long before, and it will spread among people, who will soon feel the blessing and the power of My Word.

And then the time of maturity begins.  All that is against Me will certainly stand as weeds in the midst of the wheat, and soon the weeds will threaten to overgrow the good seed .... But when the Lord will reap, then He will know how to separate the good fruit from the unfit ....For My reapers will be busy at work .... and where they have diligently laid good seed, there My harvest will also be good.  Therefore use the time, before still the work of the adversary opposes the work ..... Let it come and do not fear, even if the danger approaches you ....

My eye watches over you constantly and does not let any harm happen to you, and what they want to accomplish on you, you will be able to prevent yourselves, if you call Me in the spirit for protection.  Whoever stands up for Me, shall be able to make use of My power for time and eternity ..... And if the dangers are bad to look at, but if I want, the rulers will be relieved of their power, and you are free .... But for the greater honor of My name it is permitted that those test their power .... and set prohibitions and regulations against your work. .... Then do not let yourselves be frightened, and hold all the more firmly to My word and spread this .... make the truth known to all people, which alone can lead to eternal life.

And do not become fickle .... a sigh for relief to Me in the heart gives you strength that you loudly confess My name .... and nothing will be able to happen to you from those whether they also threaten and forbid.  Because My power will stop them and open all doors which they have closed .... and while they believe you to be in safe custody, you will proclaim My Word anew to those who want to hear it and believe in Me.  And the earthly power will run itself dead in it's effort to oppose Me .... It will certainly become more and more annoying among the people who are children of the world, but those who confess Me, will join closer and closer together and truly be My confessors in their hearts, in whom I have My joy.  And they shall enter into My kingdom and be eternally secure in My love ....




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