Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0672 16.11.1938

Belief Precondition of knowledge ....
Survival ....

The hardship on earth is great, and standing in direct contact with the earth, the dangers for the soul are endless and manifold .... There are so few possibilities, which secure the ascent without struggle. Only when love is exceptionally active in the human heart, such souls are in the state of maturity in a short time.  In general, however, people are too little urged by love, and so the soul has an exceedingly difficult stand until it has overcome all earthly dangers and is relieved of the earthly heaviness.  But if now the effort begins to act only according to the will of God, the dangers for the soul will also be less, because the conscious seeking of the Godhead is the first step for the advancement of the soul.

At present, however, there is great misery on earth, because the inclination to life is predominant .... and this inclination always extends only to the earthly life, but not to the life in the hereafter, which is to be lived of necessity for the hereafter accordingly free from lusts and God-pleasing ..... But people do not think of this .... they know only the earthly life .... but a survival after death is completely unthinkable according to their concepts, and therefore they also do not adjust their life accordingly.  And so the largest part of mankind lives along as if the hour of reckoning would never come for them, every day is only dedicated to earthly worries and plans .... they are constantly striving to increase their goods, to bring themselves to reputation and honor and to savor the pleasures and delights of the world, and hardly listen to their fellow men who, in view of a higher Being, would like to send people admonitions and lead them to faith in God.

What they were taught as children, has certainly remained in their thoughts, but very few are convinced of the truth of what they were taught, and are much more inclined to ridicule the teaching they were given, or to pay no attention to it and attach no importance to it.  And so a spiritual alienation will occur more and more among mankind; there will be only a few who will enter into contact with the eternal Godhead, but most will displace all Christian teachings by purely worldly ones, and all faith will be destroyed if people themselves do not fight for it.  People teach each other everything that is necessary for earthly existence, but what should be most important to them, to cultivate the true deep faith as the foundation of knowledge, they overlook as of no consequence and thereby harm themselves the most, because they become more and more incapable to fathom the truth, the more they move away from faith.  All earthly striving is then so unimportant, because it does not improve the lot of the soul in the least, but wraps it deeper and deeper in darkness. .... Only faith can bring light to people on earth, and only in the acceptance of faith lie the fulfilled conditions for a God-pleasing walk on earth.

You do not know about the last as long as you turn away from faith, and you will recognize yourselves how empty and stale life as such is, if you do not know about the true reason for your existence on earth ..... Only the knowledge about this is necessary to let you be active in earthly life for the life after death, for the eternal life in the hereafter ..... Then you will know your task, then you will also try to fulfill it completely.  And whether life then offers you hardship, worry and suffering, you gladly accept everything in the belief that you will continue to exist and without complaining, a life of joy beckons to you in the hereafter, when you have humbly borne the suffering on earth in God's will and have been purified by it of everything that would have prevented you from entering the heavenly paradise.  In the same way, your bodily burden will be taken away from you, and your survival after death will make you forget all misery, if you are allowed to stay near the Lord.

Therefore, pay attention to the coming time.  The need on earth is great, and anyone who recognizes it should do everything in his power to alleviate it and to offer help to his fellow human beings, both spiritually and physically, if they are in need of it. ....




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