Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0693 30.11.1938

Capacity for spiritual food ....
Chaplain ....

See, My child, what your spirit absorbs is well prepared by Me and therefore always adapted to your capacity.  First your spirit must be receptive so far that I can impart profound wisdoms to it, and until this is achieved, the teachings must be offered to you as before.  It is not only necessary to write them down, but they are also to be rightly understood by you, and this can only be accomplished by constantly offering the spiritual food, until you are so far educated that you can easily understand what is still destined for you in spiritual goods.

True love will also bring you there, if your zeal does not slacken, but it is also put to your heart that your task is to teach one day .... And therefore the spiritual food must be offered to you in such a way that it is quite understandable to you and can also be absorbed intellectually, in order to be able to refute all objections well, which is very necessary for those who want to be convincing.  Always trust in your Savior, who finds the right measure for you in everything and to Whom every nook and cranny in the chambers of your heart is known .... He distributes the gifts to you according to your needs .…

Today you shall receive a wise word about those whose office it is or should be to proclaim the teaching of God.  See, I always call some among the people who are to be active according to My will, and I can always be pleased with their willingness to serve Me.  But now the number of those who want to serve Me becomes smaller and smaller.  There are indeed many who exercise the office of a pastor, but they do not take the care for the salvation of the soul seriously.  They do not observe the fourth commandment: You shall honor father and mother .… They are not active for My honor but only enjoy their physical well-being .... They no longer recognize the Father in Me and consequently also deny Me all honor and love by trying to present Me to people as a stranger .... as a punishing judge, but not as a kind Father .... They are active with their mouths, but their hearts are far away from Me, because they themselves do not recognize Me and therefore cannot tell people about My love.

They are now destined for a hard fate.  They will have to fight for their bodily sustenance, they themselves will be in such distress that they will have to prove their faith, they will only be able to carry out the holiest mission, which should actually be their ministry, under strong self-denial.  They will have to give up all apparent prosperity and will only be chosen heralds of the Word of God for their fellow men.  And people will certainly desire to hear the Word of God, and they will take refuge in those who can enlighten them about the essence of the Divinity, but they will never attain new and firm faith there where faith has already lapsed and who cannot offer the Word of God to people with the right zeal.

And for this time I prepare you, so that such righteous people, hungry for the truth, are offered the right doctrine of God and the Word of God arises anew among mankind.  Everything will collapse and only the pure unadulterated Word of God will be preserved, because the power of the world does not reach this, and if God's struggling fighters are now truly prepared to stand up for Me, My power will also overflow into them, and they will suddenly recognize the truth brightly and lightly and take care of the spreading of My Word with double zeal.

Before that, you, My faithful servants, will also be exposed to strong hostility from this side, because these proclaimers of My teaching, who have almost fallen away from God, do not want to admit that they had built up their teaching on erroneous premises until now. .... They will stand up for the old, which has long since no longer completely corresponded to the will of God, and they will also be difficult to dissuade from it, until the desire to do only what is truly right becomes so active in their hearts, that they will recognize with the help of Divine grace, the working of the Godhead from above .... that they recognize the presence of the Savior among mankind and His exceeding love for the creatures.  Then they too will submit to God's will and be truly active for His Word and give glory to the Father in heaven alone ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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