Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Love ....
Fulfillment ....
Source of spiritual wealth ...

What happens in the last time will make you completely faithful, because your prayer penetrates to the Lord and will find hearing.  Behold, My child, it is My will that your feeling be deepened, a covenant shall be made between Me and you that will last forever, and if it is not strengthened through all trials, there is always the danger of slackening. .…

It is beyond human insight what a responsibility the struggle in earthly life is, but an unlimited knowledge of it would influence the free way of acting .... But the meaning of life is the striving towards God out of completely free will, unconscious of his waiting glory or damnation.  Because if a being acts calculated, every deed and omitting loses value .... Love should drive man and this again be the innermost drive, but the right measure of love is the only desire going upwards, because I Myself am Love .... who therefore has Me in himself through his work in love, lets himself be grasped by Me as it were without resistance and lead over into My kingdom.

The earthly child can therefore be put before the greatest task without worry; it will comply with this task out of it's own drive, because love was active first, only it must be stimulated and strengthened continuously through resistances, because the demands of life, which approach an earthly child standing in such a task, are unspeakably great .... It must be able to assert itself against all hostilities from outside, it must be extraordinarily knowledgeable itself and be able to prove itself against objections from the hostile side .... it must grow stronger, which is impossible without inner struggle.

But no office is given to man without the necessary application of strength, and very often man does not recognize the true purpose of an apparent setback, which is always a means against lukewarmness and fatigue of the spirit.  Full understanding will only come to him when he retrospectively looks at his earthly life, but as long as his life is still on earth, he is often afflicted by anxiety, and in such he intimately appeals to the heavenly Father for help .... And so the covenant with Me is established ever more firmly; the faith of him who takes refuge in Me, is rewarded and grace is supplied to him in increased measure.

Behold, separation from Me is the most bitter suffering which can threaten the earthly child, but who is frightened that I could leave him, has My fullest love, because his heart longs for Me .... how will it need to fear that I turn away My love from him.  And his longing should only be greater and greater, so that I can give him My love .... Every spiritual feeding is the highest proof of My love, because he who is worthy of this food, will never hunger and thirst, and so the love for Me is also the fulfillment of the longing at the same time, because he who loves Me, receives.

Let the world strive for earthly goods and consider where true happiness is to be found .... Always only there, where pure love fills the hearts .... Love that is ready to give .... But as long as only love for earthly goods is stimulated .... Love which wants to possess, as long as it will also not produce inner happiness and inner peace.  If love now turns to Me, if it wants to give to Me, and indeed itself as My own, then this love will trigger unspeakable delights, because I Myself want to be fulfillment .... The slightest plea for Me shall be enough that the earthly child hears My language .... it shall be visibly distinguished on earth that spiritual power supports it and it walks in My love from now on.

The source of life is always and forever My grace, and who stands in My love, he may draw from this Source uninterruptedly, he will never need to live in want and suffer and will gather spiritual wealth, and there will be no end to the joy, which My love prepares for him.  And such is destined for those who see the Lord in Me .... who always submit themselves to Me and show Me love and honor ..… But I incline to them as Father, Who draws His children to Himself in deepest love, because what My love once created, lives in this world - but everything out of Me shall also be one with Me .... If it now desires Me as it's Creator and Father of it's own accord, My joy is indescribable, because My love is for you, My children, eternally .... And your return to the Father's house shall be your highest bliss ....




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