Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Efforts of the otherworldly teachers ....

How lamentable are people who do not want to recognize.  And what graces they lose, but in times of need, they lack firm support - which is why also all thinking is only directed to the securing of the earthly life, to be relieved of all need.

But also their hour will come, because the test of life is to be passed only in the overcoming of the resistances, which must be offered to an earthly child, if his earthly life is to be of use for him and his soul.  Therefore try to be silent, if the understanding for spiritual truths is not yet present, and now receive:

The pure spirits teach people in various ways.  Where a direct connection from the other world to the earth is possible, a regulated instruction can be carried out and the wisdoms can be offered in such a way that they touch any area.  A planned training can begin, which, depending on the receptivity, introduces the earthly child to all knowledge.  A person desiring the truth, will be able to be instructed in the fullest truth, since the spiritual teachers make it their business to transmit spiritual knowledge in all its fullness.

However, spirit-beings who are in knowledge, also dwell in the vicinity of every human being on earth and try to influence his thoughts and in this way to promote the inner life.  Whoever feels the urge to give his thoughts a certain direction or is concerned with the actual purpose of life, his thoughts are guided or influenced by such active spirit-beings, who take care of the searching or erring souls.

Not one man remains completely uninfluenced by the spiritual side, only the success of these beings is not always the same and not always satisfying, because often they meet quite hard resistance, namely there where matter still holds man too much in bonds and who does not want to know anything about a spiritual world lying outside of the material world.  There, every emerging thought of a spiritual destiny on earth will be rejected immediately, because it absolutely does not appeal to the completely materially-minded people.

And just such people urgently need enlightenment, and the spirit-beings wanting to teach, often achieve nothing and have to try again and again in greatest patience to teach people to think differently and so to make them accessible to their whispers.

It is the will of the heavenly Father that all help should reach the earthly children from above, to stop the spiritual shallowness of the people, and therefore means will be applied in view of the spiritual backwardness, which becomes more and more noticeable day by day, which shall bring about great successes and find the approval of the Divine Creator.

Who pays attention to the coming time, he will notice unusual phenomena which repeat themselves more and more often to involuntarily direct the thoughts of people to supernatural things.  Such phenomena always occur at a tremendous preceding shock to the sou., so people will concern themselves with things that are inexplicable to them and then seek the explanation in the supernatural and also find it with good will .... For the Lord seeks to bring salvation to everyone, and this in different ways.

Therefore pay attention to everything which can lead to knowledge .... these are always only the efforts of your friends on the other side who are concerned about your salvation and want to help you in the time you are still mistaken and ignorant .... Who does not resist the help from above with great stubbornness, every incident will bring him recognition and greatest benefit, if it is his will to reach the truth ....




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