Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0758 26.1.1939

Blessing of the work of redemption ....
Faith in it is necessary ....

Only those are to be allowed to penetrate into the kingdom of the eternal, who carry the faith in the Redeemer in their deepest heart, because it is an error without comparison to deny Him, and all matter must prevail without the Divine Redeemer, because only He alone could break the power of death and therefore the overcoming of matter became possible for mankind only then.

But a man can never redeem himself from his fetters by his own strength, and he must therefore stand in full faith in the Redeemer of the world.  Only then can he also be led into truth, for man can only then recognize what is right, when he frees himself from the bonds of matter.

Thus the whole earthly walk is only according to the Divine will, when man moves the thought of redemption in his heart out of free will .... when he tries to imagine that he is hopelessly at the mercy of the opposing power .... that his struggle for knowledge would be a futile one because the power of evil would be so strong without the work of redemption, that man would not be able to fight against it.

But this very power was broken by the Lord Jesus Christ, and now the power of love has the upper hand .... Therefore, faith in the Divine Savior can never be eliminated, because the Lord takes care of everyone who believes in Him.  But He cannot give the same help and grace to those who reject Him and engage in battle against Him ....

At the threshold of death, a person with a bright spirit will often be allowed to have a glimpse of the kingdom of eternity .... He will suddenly realize the value of faith in Jesus Christ, and for some it will then be too late .... Therefore, the Godhead is now struggling for every soul, It wants to show it the way, in order to be able to participate in all graces, which were made accessible to mankind through the work of redemption ....

But all the love and mercy of God is in vain where the earthly child stubbornly closes his mind to all indications.  The Lord spoke the words on the cross: "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do ...." And the Father, long-suffering and full of love, is even eager to instruct the ignorant and to give them tidings of the blessing of the work of redemption.  And the world becomes more and more obdurate, more and more dark in thinking and more and more far away from the eternal truth.

Thus, there is only the possibility to change the thinking of man by world-shaking events, and in order not to let all these erring ones fall into ruin, this very judgment of God is commanded, so that those who hear His call and follow Him, may still find their way back to the Father.

Truly, the Creator of all that exists has only the best in mind for His creatures, although people do not recognize it as such .... Everything that was, is and will be, has always only happened for the purpose of the spiritual development of the people, because the Father in heaven is loving, wise and just .... and He arranges His things in such a way as it is spiritually beneficial for His children on earth ....




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