Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Living God connectedness ....
Strength of faith ....
Humility ....
Grace ....
Perfection ....

Seeking a living bond with God is the first condition for striving for perfection.  If you humans strive to reveal yourselves trustingly to the Father in heaven in all situations of life, then this connection is established, and only now you stand in the right relationship with God.  In all tribulations of body and soul, you now know One Who can help you .... you turn to Him in supplication, and your call will not be in vain.

The Father in heaven wants to call fully trusting children His own, and if your prayer rises to heaven in faithful trust, He will not disappoint your trust either, because all blessings and all power lie in the living contact.  The slightest doubt shakes even the power of prayer, but a single sigh that reaches the ear of the Father in heaven with full faith, finds it's hearing by virtue of strong faith.

You should always remember this word if you are despondent and cannot find the right strength of faith .... If your faith is alive, then nothing separates you from the Divine Savior, then you are devoted to Him in childlike love and give yourselves completely into His will.  .... You trust Him without limits, and your faith and trust will also earn you the right reward .... The Father will give you what you need.

And if you now truly feel as children of your Father, you will also try to comply with His will completely, because you then also stand in love, and love gives and fulfils all desires.  If your love is for the Divine Saviour, then the will to serve is also in you, because love serves willingly, it gives and sacrifices itself and is always ready to help.

And if the earthly child is prepared to serve, then it also fulfils the right earthly purpose, because in serving alone it will be able to mature to perfection.  Only a serving being will be able to free itself from all dross, he who places itself in the service of God and the dear fellow human beings will emerge louder and clearer, because this being will practice deepest humility, and only through humility it will get into direct contact with the Lord and Savior .... For the Lord gives His grace to the humble ....

But the grace of God is necessary for every earthly child, if he wants to reach the highest and to form himself to a God-like being .... You should reach the highest and you can only do this if you practice humility.  The lower you regard yourselves, the sooner the Lord will lift you up, He will give you grace in abundance, and through Divine grace, you will only be able to grasp earthly life in all it's meaning.

Therefore, serve God and your dear neighbor in all love and faithfulness, seek to become worthy of His grace, and stay connected to God in deepest humility, so you will reach the highest degree of perfection already on earth, and your life will be a blessed one ....




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