Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0805 11.3.1939

New creations ....
Change of form ....
Shell- and soul-substance ....

It is a law from eternity that in all creatures the Spirit from God embodies Himself, that therefore nothing exists what does not hold in itself the Divine spark, and therefore the whole universe with all creations is Spirit out of God and can therefore also not be transient, why also a perpetual new arising in nature is the same law which is comprehensively clarified with the imperishability of all spiritual which animates nature.  Whether therefore also a perpetual change of the outer form takes place, nevertheless always the animating of this form remains, because otherwise the whole creation could not exist, but, where the Spirit out of God would not indwell a thing, this would have to cease to be.

Indisputably also the Spirit of God is at work there, so new formations of all kinds make themselves visible .... where, so to speak, from a nothingness the most marvelous new creations arise, which are, however, already conditioned in themselves and spring from an old form which is apparently close to the dying.  One can observe this in nature constantly that all change of form always occurs when everything existing is already in a state which visibly shows a dying off .... And from this perishing, everything coming to life, is born.

The awakening to new life always results in the slow death of the old, and therefore this is already a proof that the spiritual power only leaves the outer cover to take it's course in a new cover, and this mostly in a completely different form, so that a permanent higher development of the spiritual entity is connected with it and so the outer form only serves this purpose.  The state of maturity of the being is already recognizable by the nature of the form, for the tinier the outer form is, the more undeveloped is also the soul-substance animating it. ....

Again innumerable of such soul-particles unite in larger living beings and strive so together upwards.  And thus it is evident how necessary for the progress of all spiritual things the ever-recurring transformation and new resurrection in nature is and how all coming into being and passing away is and must remain a law arranged according to plan by the Creator, in order to guarantee precisely the higher development of all spiritual entities and at the same time to allow the work of creation to exist and to be constantly revived ....



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