Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0818 20.3.1939

God's work of education ....
Spiritual inertia ....
Purpose of suffering ....

You, who still walk on earth, are approaching a time which will be unspeakably sorrowful for you, and you will have to assert yourselves against all heaviness, which befalls you.  What the Creator of heaven and earth allows, is always only a means by which He wants to spare His creatures the soul-suffering one day, which has a far more painful effect in the hereafter and which man can avert if he humbly takes upon himself the suffering on earth and emerges from it purified and matured in the soul.

Man in his short-sightedness, which is the consequence of faithlessness, cannot comprehend the educational work of the heavenly Father.  He grumbles and complains and is not infrequently inclined to deny an eternal Godhead altogether, because His work seems incomprehensible to him.  And he does not recognize the love and patience of his Creator, Who must choose this path because His loving admonitions and words from above are not listened to, and time has become more and more serious, man more and more sluggish in his spiritual work and only ever intent on fulfilling earthly duties, regardless of how this fulfillment of duty affects the soul.

Now also the spiritual world must be extremely active and must for it's part give the people on earth proofs of it's work in and around them.  For man no longer finds the connection to his Creator.  A tremendous shaking of his principles of life must first force man to think again about his "I", his origin and his end.  In a completely calm time, the danger is only greater to live in spiritual inertia, but where burdens are imposed on man to carry, no matter of what kind, there he asks himself in the end what meaning underlies all of life and which way he could go to be relieved of earthly worries and sufferings.  And then he timidly grasps the Father's hand that is lovingly offered to him, which first wants to snatch him from the spiritual misery of his soul.  This purpose is the only reason for all coming suffering ....




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