Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0821 21.3.1939

God is love ....

Remain faithful to the ancient teaching that exhorts you to love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.  And so listen: Nothing in the world will be able to nullify the Word of God, for He gave it Himself and it thus endures for all eternity .... And this Word of His teaches you to live in love, and if you comply with this commandment, you will enter the kingdom of heaven.  And therefore you also have to acknowledge Him Who is Love Himself from eternity, Who sacrificed Himself for people out of immense love to redeem them from the deepest guilt of sin.  And whoever lives in love, follows Him ....

And people want to deny the Son of God because love no longer dwells in their hearts, for he who loves, has the Divine Savior in himself and his heart will joyfully affirm Him .... And in this affirmative joy of life, he cannot help but also love his neighbor, because love - which is God Himself - fills his heart with such power that everything that comes into contact with Him, is seized by it.  Love is the greatest miracle .... It redeemed mankind from death, it brought all creation to life, it makes temporal and eternal happiness .... It is life and strength .... Yearning and fulfillment .... It is the epitome of everything Divine and connects heaven and earth with each other .... And if you humans live in love, you will become perfect, as the Father in heaven is perfect, because everything is rooted in love, it starts from God and leads back to God again .... because God is Eternal Love Himself ....



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