Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0831 27.3.1939

Matter as spirit-carrier ....
Will to form ....
Dissolving ....
Assembling ....

Everything on earth serves the spiritual further education of the human being.  There is nothing visible with the human eye, which would not be created for this purpose .... All spirit out of God animates matter, and again only to once become free from this and can create and form the same out of himself.  Thus, e.g., the in itself insubstantial form is only in the connection with the spiritual that, as what you are able to see it and what is only visible when the spirit has taken residence in it.  For all external form also consists of substance, taken from the spiritual.

Simply nothing can exist which is not spiritually animated, and a constant change of the outer form has the sole purpose to unite the different spiritual substance, until a complete whole - the human soul - is formed.  And this whole must then mature within itself and strive towards perfection.  Earthly life is therefore so to speak the formation station of the spirit .... it is in like proportion to the earthly activity of man .... a constant reshaping of all that which is accessible to man again as matter ....

If the soul of man had to form itself from such innumerable many soul substances, then also the air must be a carrier of the spiritual, since it continuously contributes to the animation of man and supplies therefore the outer form of the soul, the human body, constantly with vital supply, and all spiritual from the air is taken up by the body, in order to unite then with the soul, so that the human soul is thus likewise still increased.

All form in itself is increased by the same supply from the outside, which causes it's life .... the so-called dead matter; however, by the creative will of the human being, who again puts together the most different spirit-carriers and so creates from it again a whole.  Thus either by joining the matter a great spiritual power can come to work - or also by dissolving or crushing the matter, spiritual power can become free, which now again seeks it's stay in another outer form, and indeed by joining likewise in increased power.  Therefore, every matter has some purpose in the earthly sense, because if it were left completely unused, the spiritual substance in it would have no possibility to mature in this outer form ....



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