Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0860 13.4.1939

Signs of aging ....
Striving for physical elasticity for earthly reasons ....
Violent event....

The earthly task is easy to name when the price is set against it; for only a short time of struggling is needed to be able to enjoy the eternal glories.  The older man becomes, the easier the sacrifice of renouncing earthly pleasures becomes for him, and thus also the gaining of eternal bliss becomes more promising.  And it is again only his will that he puts a stop to the desire, that in him nothing more longs for the world and he thinks of the life after death.

The wise of the world - i.e. those who believe they are - place earthly fulfillment in the foreground until old age.  They are anxious, so to speak, not to let this very drive for fulfillment get lost .... their attention is focused on being able to meet the same requirements as in youth for as long as possible, and this is erroneous human thinking, for man should rather know thanks to his soul, which no longer demands life-fulfillment .... The so-called signs of old age should be joyfully welcomed, because they are steps towards the right goal .... In unrestrained enjoyment of life, however, it is impossible for man to mature; it is never possible to satisfy both the demands of the world and spiritual progress.  And so it is only regrettable if people anxiously strive to maintain a certain physical elasticity until old age ....

The body can certainly fulfill it's earthly activity, and it will also be given strength for it, as long as this activity is just the fulfillment of duty and serves the welfare of mankind.  But if it only wants to be performed in order to be able to indulge in the undivided enjoyment of life, and the body only wants to remain young and efficient for this reason, such a desire for strength and always constant elasticity is to be called a purely earthly one and is never to be approved of in the Divine sense.  What is good for people once they have established the spiritual connection, the Father in heaven will already provide for them, but to strive for it with all earthly senses and means is worthless, because man thinks primarily of the temporal, but not the eternal well-being and does not think of his transience ....

An enormous event will soon make you aware of this transitoriness of all earthly things .... And good to him who from now on evaluates his life differently and strives spiritually.  As soon as the world sees itself confronted with an experience which does not fit at all into it's plans and calculations, opportunity is also offered for a complete overthrow in the spiritual field, for man is brought out of the equilibrium of his thinking, and if he now seizes this opportunity, this world-event can be of unspeakably beneficial influence on the soul of man and therefore also for his fate in eternity.  Only the will to do what is right must be one's own product; everything else the Heavenly Father takes into His hands in loving care. ....

He now guides man, whose will became active on his own authority, so visibly that the searching soul recognizes Divine rule and willingly surrenders to this guidance.  But who always only puts himself and his physical well-being in the foreground, his will is only directed to earthly advantage, and such a man can also never be forced by the eternal Divinity to the knowledge or to the right thinking, because the will of man is free and it will not ever be touched, so that every being shall seek and find the right relationship with God in fullest freedom of will ....




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