Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0861 13.4.1939

Care of the inner life ....
Contemplative leisure time ....

Whoever wants to enjoy the Divine grace, will never go empty-handed, and so today a spirit-being will communicate itself to you with the fullest will of the Lord.  A representation will be given to you, which refers to the inner life and it's right formation.  It cannot remain hidden from you how little people are concerned with spiritual questions just now.  They all fear a sure knowledge and therefore avoid it.  And precisely this evasion is the evil that brings the greatest harm to man.  The constant attempt of the spiritual forces fails one after another; they do not succeed in making the human heart hungry and prepare it for the reception of the Divine gift, and even less is such evasion useful for the inner formation of the soul ....

A person without faith can also explainably not have a pronounced inner life, or rather, all his thinking is concentrated on purely earthly things, which fill him up enough, so that he never finds the time for a contemplative, inner leisure hour.  And every person should allow himself such an hour of leisure .... an hour that is spent in intimate contact with the Divine Savior and used accordingly.  Man should sacrifice at least one hour a day to his Savior, and this hour will be blessed a thousand times over, for such a contemplative hour can bring about exceedingly pious thinking, the realization of one's own "I" can make the earthly child realize it's nothingness, and this can stimulate the willing man to cooperate in the kingdom of God and have an exceedingly beneficial effect.

And such an hour brings about contemplation about spiritual problems, and even the non-pious man sometimes sends questions into the universe, which at first excite his interest only purely scientifically, however, over time the same man changes inwardly and also brings him closer to the question of his departure, which now can be of inestimable value for a believing mind, in that now the spirit, which still slumbers unawakened in man, begins to stir and only waits for the willing devotion of the earthly child to become active.

Everything that goes on outside of man sometimes keeps the soul from it's beneficial task, therefore man should immerse himself in regular contemplations, he should leave everything earthly aside in this time and only think about such questions which concern the eternal life .... he should think deeply in the heart of the Creator and consider himself as His creature and ask for enlightenment about his actual destiny.

And when this has become his, he should investigate himself, remove all impure thinking from his heart and make it habitable for the highest and best Being .... he should strive for perfection .... he should connect all earthly activities with deep questions concerning the salvation of the soul .... he should look at himself as if he were an unknown creature, so that he may completely recognize his faults and weaknesses and relentlessly strive to conquer them .... he should continue to leave no stone unturned which could contribute to awakening the same striving and desire in his fellow human beings .... he should seek spiritual exchange as often as possible and thus continue to care for the shaping of his soul, so that the heart as a receptacle of Divine truth is presented to the Lord in such a way that He henceforth takes it into His care and protects it from every danger from the outside .... For as man takes care of his inner life, blessings will one day accrue to him, his spiritual alertness will bring him success, and he will no longer pay attention to the world, so that he will be granted insight into spiritual spheres, because he first paid attention to his inner life ....




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