Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0896a 2.5.1939

Exhortation to spread God's word ....

Without hesitation you shall carry out what you have resolved to do.  A moment's work can destroy everything what was before .... but also can a short span of time be sufficient to awaken the spiritual in man, and so every day should be used for the spreading of the Divine Word .... Everything depends on the will of man, whether the earthly days pass by used or unused.  Therefore, the concern for the salvation of your fellow human beings should constantly drive you to diligent work, and nothing should stop you or make you hesitate fearfully, because where the Spirit from God was at work, the Divine power also works and protects from every danger those who faithfully entrust themselves to the Lord and Savior.

What was given to mankind for their salvation, shall now also find entrance into many a human heart .... Therefore rely on help from above, and provide the ignorant or those hungry for knowledge with spiritual refreshment, so that their thoughts wander into the beyond and desire an answer from there, which will then also be given to them joyfully, and if this task is now no longer doubtful to you, give it out also as soon as possible, and consider without fear those who are inclined to your work and desire clarity while still on earth.  For everything is the work of the Lord, and nothing happens without His permission ....




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