Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0922 19.5.1939

Coerced fulfillment of the commandments ....

So clear as daylight are the Divine commandments before you .... No further explanation is needed than that My will makes itself known to you wherever you desire to hear it.  No being has the power to stop the voice in you, it will make itself heard again and again and give man the right instructions how he has to live according to God's will.  But if man himself contributes to silence this voice in him, then it is again his own will to act against My commandments.  For everyone is able to live in the Divine order if he seriously wants to .... Only the will is decisive, this is however completely free, so I therefore can not evaluate a coerced follower of My commandments, as I can evaluate a voluntary observer.

There is hence an enormous difference whether the earthly child forms itself completely out of itself to an obedient, humble, God above all-loving being, or whether such a formation is laboriously brought about by a state of compulsion, because the latter will only be pleasing before My eyes when the earthly child brings it's heart towards Me completely voluntarily .... when the compulsory measures have so to speak contributed to it, recognizing the right relationship of the child to the Father and it now seeks a deep connection with it's Creator and Redeemer on it's own initiative.  To be mindful of this true relationship, is the first and most important commandment .... A child who seeks his Father, already confesses his will to serve Him and will therefore not refuse to comply with all the Father's commandments.  It will detest everything that violates the Divine commandments ....

It is so unspeakably valuable to humbly submit to the Divine will in order to now receive the manifestations of this will .... the Word of God .... It is free to man to do this, is therefore in itself no commandment, but of unspeakable blessing .... And thus I only ever make My will known to all people, but do not command them .... What they do, they are to do voluntarily out of love for Me and out of his own need to remain in Divine order.  He is indeed given guidelines on how to fulfill My will and which is the right way to Me, to truth and to eternal life .... However, what deprives you humans of inner freedom .... cannot be of value.

The spirit of love must be active in you .... let it develop, then you will live completely according to My will, then it will be easy for you to fulfil My commandments, i.e. to live completely in My will - you will then also do everything the church prescribes to you - however, not because it prescribes it to you, but because you want to serve Me, and therefore everything you do out of love for Me, is right .... Everything that is only fulfilling your duty, but lacks love for Me, is worthless.

The future will teach you what measures will be taken to make the church waver.  Who stands inwardly with Me, will truly also then still stand like a rock in the middle of the surf, because he will lose nothing, because what he carries in the heart, cannot be taken from him .... however, he who was only a follower according to the letter, will be groundless and deprived of the outer protection like chaff blown away in the wind.  To him, everything will be empty noise, because his heart was far from Me, although he fulfilled dutifully what was valid for him according to the regulation as Divine commandment.  Take note of this and do not burden your mind.  The expressions of My will shall be offered to you As clear as the sun, so that you do not become mistaken about Me and My love .....




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