Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0936 29.5.1939

Life ....
Spirit out of God ....
Law of Nature ....

Life is everything that holds the spirit out of God in itself.  So, however, also all life will be conditioned by the Spirit of God, i.e., the power of God will always have to be active to enliven the matter, and so matter and spirit out of God always get into connection, and so life comes into being .... a being which immediately becomes active itself .... and this activity again is the work of spiritual power and can be observed everywhere.  Every newly created living being is bound to the activity which is it's purpose according to Divine law.  All spirit from God assigns a certain activity to the being, and the being now carries out the activity which is intended for it by the Creator.  And all activity of the living beings is based on a certain order.

The more regulated duties a living being has to carry out, the more visibly obvious the Divine order is, which people call by the word "natural law".  A certain regularity is to be observed, and this betrays the spiritual influence which is exercised on every being on the part of the Creator .... is, however, at the same time the best proof for the fact that everything is ruled by a will and this will is continuously active, so that the living being does not cease to be.  For even if endless times pass, the earth will continue to be animated, and this life will always be conditioned by spiritual power. .... And the spiritual power will always and forever bear witness of a highest entity, which continuously sends this power into the universe.

If everything that the earth holds would be completely motionless and therefore dead, then a Divine or spiritual activity could be denied, but life itself, which always and in all things appears to man, is the most speaking proof for a constantly expressing power, and so now man himself remains in perpetual activity, he also fulfills the purpose assigned to him from the beginning, thus uses the spiritual power and lives, so to speak, his outer life as man and at the same time a spiritual life, to which likewise a spiritual power drives him; he will therefore fulfill a task which is assigned to him, either in a purely earthly sense or also as a life-giver in spiritual respect ... only everything will and must live, because the Spirit of God cannot tolerate anything dead, because He Himself is the true Life and the greatest Spirit of Love from eternity .....




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