Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1010 18.7.1939

Changes in creation ....
Catastrophes are necessary ....

In infinitely long times, so many changes have taken place in the whole creation.  Because the original form was banished spiritual, which, however, in the course of the millennia has released itself from this form, therefore also the work of creation of God had to change constantly to bring the spiritual to release from the form .... This transformation of the originally created has again the consequence that from it, already a spiritual work can be recognized, because life is everything that changes ...., however, there is nothing in the universe which keeps it's formation in unchanged kind; it can well remain for millennia in the same form, but this will never remain a permanent state.

Everything in the universe must change, because only in this way it fulfills the purpose to give stay to the spiritual, which is to develop to the height.  And if now all these creations have the purpose to be carriers of spiritual substances, then all destruction of the form must of necessity have a favorable effect on the spiritual that animates it .... it must be matter's final purpose to be dissolved in order to free the spiritual in itself.  Thus also every apparent work of destruction is only to be welcomed in the spiritual sense, although it entails earthly greatest disadvantage.

And after every destruction of any matter, the spiritual must escape from it and therefore join the people on earth in an unbound state, or else take up residence in the new .... earthly cover which is due to it, i.e. which serves the progress of the soul.  And therefore every new arising in nature will bring countless spiritual beings to maturity, and even the smallest, most inconspicuous creations have to fulfill tasks, which one does not suspect in them .....

It is generally said that the God of love cannot be so cruel to abandon whole stretches of land to destruction .... but these people completely miss the sense that innumerable beings thank their Creator for every such disaster which redeems innumerable spiritual beings from their lengthy banished state, and that all of creation is only there for the purpose that these beings have continued possibilities to inhabit [the earth] and such often arise through destructions of all kinds .... that therefore all catastrophes or other natural events, which result in a destruction of the earth's surface, are welcomed immensely joyfully by the spiritual beings who have been in captivity for a long time, which now have to begin to live through a new epoch of their walk on earth. ....




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