Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1026 26.7.1939

Wrong thinking ....
Rejecting without knowledge of the matter ....

Mankind rejects what is supposed to be their greatest blessing, and the seriousness of their actions cannot be made clear to them at all, because they consciously defends themselves against everything spiritual.  Thus, it is never possible to enlighten people about the actual reason of their wrong thinking.  It is difficult to preach reason to someone who defends himself against a matter without having actual knowledge of it, because he does not want to .... An immersion into the disputed topic would let him judge differently .... Therefore, whoever desires enlightenment, can be instructed accordingly.

And that is why it is irresponsible to stay in the same waters - that is, The Lord calls out to them: Open your ears and your hearts and hear the voice that wants to proclaim the truth to you .... and then examine it .... and if you then still want to reject it, then it is your free will, but you have knowledge and can then consciously take a stand on it, which, however, is not your right as long as you walk along completely blind in spirit.

The purely factual solution of something inexplicable is already demanded in earthly relations, how much more should you spiritually observe the same and first examine everything you are inclined to reject.  The more justly you are willing to judge, the brighter your spirit will be - it will guide you, first to the recognition of the eternal Godhead, and then instruct you to approach this eternal Godhead for enlightenment, and your thinking and judging will then be the right one.  First try to understand the Divine gift .... Remember the need of the time in the spiritual sense .... and the loving care of the eternal Divinity, which is undeniable as the Creator of all things ....

Remember the love with which on earth a father clings to his child, and transfer the same love-relationship also to the whole of creation and it's Creator from eternity .... and you must recognize that such a love cannot and does not want to leave in spiritual misery those who have moved away from it.  And everything in the universe is the product of Divine Love; there is nothing which Divine Love would not have produced and brought into being .... And if you keep this in mind, you will find it understandable that the Father in heaven cannot let His children get lost ....




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