Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1033 1.8.1939

Spiritual connectedness of all works of creations ....
Visible ....

Behold, My child, innumerable living beings are born at every hour, and in all of them, My Spirit embodies Itself, and this is all the more astonishing because every embodiment - i.e. this cover - is likewise spiritual from Me .... Therefore, everything that surrounds you, everything that is around you, in you and above you, points to Me as Creator of all things and yet again can only be understood spiritually.  Even if you stand in knowledge, this knowledge is of little use as long as the spirit in you is not awakened, because only an awakened spirit is able to explain to you your relationship to everything that is around you.

But an unawakened spirit lets you brood, and such brooding can rather lead to disrupted thinking than to full understanding.  If the spirit has become alive in you, then you understand everything, and you recognize Me always and constantly and everywhere in nature, because everything spiritual in creation then finds access to the Divine Spirit in you, and you will experience something so powerful and wonderful in you, that you only look at nature as radiation of My love-Spirit.

Unquestioning faith and unselfish love awaken the Spirit out of Me in you, and so this will first be necessary to understand all that is offered to your eyes, and suddenly you are no longer an individual being standing in creation, but you feel in you the togetherness with all of creation, for you no longer see yourselves as the form created by Me, but - what you also are - as the emanation of a great Spirit, as a spiritual being which certainly originates from the Primordial Spirit, but is inseparable - which is always and forever Divine in Itself and only temporarily does not recognize itself as that.

Who, in union with nature, has become aware of the spiritual connectedness of all works of creation with each other, now consciously recognizes what he is, and never ever loses this consciousness.  And he now looks at the most diverse creations in the light of this truth and now also has the highest successes to record spiritually, because the spiritual around him shares itself with him so to speak visibly and helps to increase his knowledge by giving him insight into the spiritual work of all creation. The same power which makes itself known to you humans through revelations from above, is also then constantly at work to express itself visibly, and it only requires your will, deepest faith and keen love-activity to introduce you to a further knowledge of My omnipotence, love and wisdom ....



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