Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1034 1.8.1939

Immortality of the soul ....
Grace grant ....

So hear the voice of the Lord and pay attention to it: You deprive yourselves of the greatest grace insofar as you doubt the immortality of the soul, because in the assumption that life has found it's end with the passing away of the earthly body, you do not desire anything that lasts for eternity.  So you are in fact content with the supply of your body on earth and do not ask for any help for the life after death.  And you do not consider the spirit, but only content yourselves with what is beneficial for the body.  And if you do not ask, help cannot be granted to you.  You end the life of the body with the death of the body, but not the life of the soul.

In a form which your life on earth determines itself, will be the soul's new stay according to this physical life, you will no longer be able to do anything out of your own strength - however, exactly as on earth, you will use your senses and therefore feel joy and also suffering, and this is every soul's inevitable fate that it must take the just expiation or the just reward upon itself and cannot escape it.  And it is therefore of greatest importance to reckon with the survival of the soul on earth, because without the belief in it, man does not make use of God's grace - i.e., he believes not to need Divine help and directs all thinking and doing only to the fulfillment of earthly duties, and this lets him fall behind badly if he is questioned about spiritual merit in eternity. ....

Nothing depresses the soul more than unused possibilities of earthly life .... And every earthly life will remain unused for eternity, so without faith in a survival of the soul, also the concept "eternity" is incomprehensible for man, because who cares for eternity, if he simply lacks the faith in it? .... And thus a soul certainly enters earthly rest, but can only then bask in the peace of heaven if it was restlessly active on earth for life in the hereafter.  Or else it has to try to get there by a strenuous way, which would have been much easier for it when it was still in the fleshly body.

And so I call to all doubters on earth: Think of the life after death, and do not live in the delusion that with the death of the body, everything is over .... but know that only then the real life begins .... know that you have to live only a probationary period on earth, but that only then the real life begins and this life is completely dependent on how you have used the earthly life.  For it is a terrible certainty for the soul that it has let earthly life pass by and now has to recognize it's poverty of spiritual treasures when entering the hereafter.  And therefore make use of life as long as you are still in full possession of your powers, and ask for grace unceasingly, because this alone makes spiritual progress possible for you and clears the way to the eternal home .....



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