Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1035 2.8.1939

Defeat the resistors - Decrease the matter ....

In all matter, immature spiritual is hidden, and this has a powerful influence on the human being who comes into contact with this matter, and it is therefore explainable why the human being is and has to be constantly in a fight with everything that surrounds him.  To become master over this immature spiritual, means to defeat the very resistance and thereby to strengthen the spiritual in itself and thus to mature it .... Nothing can be conquered without a fight, and man would soon be crushed by matter and the immature spiritual if he did not resist it.

The immature spiritual, although it emerged from God, is still so far away from Him through the spiritual arrogance of the originally created spiritual beings, that it does not recognize it's origin and thus resists everything that wants to reach God as their Creator and Father.  And therefore such opposite striving must inevitably be in conflict with each other.  However, the man who fights and is successful, contributes considerably to the fact that much power is wrested from the opponent, because the conquered spiritual increases the spiritual that is more mature in itself.

So when man has succeeded to become master over all adversities of life, when he is always only eager to call for help to overcome these spiritually perfect beings, then he has fulfilled his duty on earth and has worked unspeakably liberating in the spiritual sense, while an existence without a struggle was lived with little benefit and very much immature spiritual remains unredeemed until this fight against it is taken up.  And seen in this light, everything that seems difficult to bear, will be explained to you as infinitely important and inevitable, and you will, if you want to serve God, patiently take it upon yourselves and be mindful that the Father in heaven will also give you assistance, if you only sincerely ask Him for it. ....



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