Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1037 5.8.1939

"No-one can serve two masters ...."

He who loves life, creates death for himself, and he who willingly gives it up, will live in eternity.  Earthly life is only the preliminary stage for eternity, and if you do not want to leave earthly life, your love is still too much for earthly things, and you cannot become blessed with such love in your heart, you are not able to open your heart to the spiritual and therefore also not able to lead a spiritual life .... But spiritual life is the epitome of bliss.

If you take a container that has become completely unusable and put water into it, your efforts to keep the water in it will be in vain .... Similarly, even the slightest resistance is a hindrance if the water is to be passed through the finest opening .... And now consider a heart fully turned to earthly life .... It can hear spiritual truths again and again, but these will not be able to remain in it, but will fade away without being heard.  And likewise can spiritual truth not penetrate into the human heart, if entrance to it is blocked by obstacles, which are earthly lures and worldly charms.  And again, without spiritual truths, the soul of man cannot mature, because the soul needs it as spiritual food, while all earthly fulfillment is only food for the body.

With death, however, the body becomes obsolete, so only the soul is destined for life in eternity.  This is now atrophied and almost lifeless, if man only loves earthly life and desires it's fulfillment.  "Whoever gives up his body out of love for Me, will have eternal life, and not as the world gives you, so I give you ...."  It is these words of the Lord that guide life on earth.  What you should strive for, is not to be compared with the pleasures of the world.  You should not serve your body and fulfill every desire, because this body perishes .... But if you sacrifice everything the body desires to the Lord and Savior .... if you put the physical life behind and think only of the life of the soul on earth, heavenly joys will be prepared for you one day, and what you sacrifice, will be repaid to you a thousand-fold ....

But if you think you can do both at the same time, if you think you can serve the world and at the same time give spiritual nourishment to the soul, the Lord calls out to you: "No-one can serve two masters ...." He who turns to the earth and it's lust, does not find the way upward; he who desires the world, is the servant of him who tries to pull you down, and you cannot reach the heights and serve the Lord God at the same time .... because you are then yourselves in contradiction to what you should do, both upward and downward.

Progress in the spiritual requires the renunciation of everything worldly, and if you come into the situation to be put before both and to decide, it is now your free will to choose; however, it is never possible to compromise and therefore to request the heavenly father to approve a striving for both sides .... Man must decide on his own initiative to choose the way up and to give up the world, or to accept the downfall of his soul in the desire for the world and thus to be lost for eternal life in glory.  And therefore it is incomparably better to live in want in earthly life and to renounce all earthly pleasures, than to be eternally excluded from heavenly pleasure and bliss. ....




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