Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1038 5.8.1939

Father's Words ....
Praying in spirit and in truth ....
Tradition ....
Piety ....
Faith ....

All strength from Me will come over you, My child, and I want to protect you everywhere.  It is an unspeakably blissful feeling for a human child to hear My voice, but it must be so strong in itself that it does not lose contact with earth through it, as long as I leave it on earth; the hour is nevertheless no longer far away, when My Spirit will express Itself tangibly to you, and so then wait patiently for this time, and seek Me always and constantly, and My nearness will be certain to you, My love will protect you and lead you on the right way.  The road to eternity must be covered bravely and courageously, for there is a goal to be reached which promises unimaginable glories, and the desire for it should be your incentive, for all happiness requires unification with Me, and to achieve this, is the only purpose of earthly life.

Therefore I exhort you to faithful endurance and demand your heart .... Everything belongs to Me, but you should offer it to Me voluntarily and prove this to Me in service.  Man does not live alone, many a task is set for him and the way is clearly shown to him how he can reach Me through love for his neighbor.  If I desire your heart, then you are to offer this to Me in works of neighbourly love, you are to recognize My brother in the neighbour and therefore do the same for My brother, what you would like to do for Me, if I would visibly stay among you.  And your love for Me will then be recognizable, and I will love you again with all intimacy and draw you to My heart, because then you have become love - i.e., become one with Me and therefore never [again] separated from Me.

You dear ones on earth are all My children, only you do not recognize yourselves, but My love does not want to leave you and uses all means so that you do not lose your happiness.  My love remains the strictest secret for you if you do not open your heart to Me.  But what the Father reveals to those who are truly His children, that you all do not grasp; but whoever is in Me, he hides Me Myself in his heart, and My power and glory will be revealed to him, although he still lives on earth, if he has only become pure love.  Your anxiety, My child, will also make you strive, and where I Myself beckon you as a reward, you will call upon all spiritual power for support, and it will be granted to you, so that a child's longing for the Father may be satisfied ....

And you should write this deeply in your heart, so that the Father's eye and ear incline to everyone who seeks His Spirit .... Whoever wants to come to Me, I am close to him and already turn his thoughts to the right recognition .... He who silently worships the eternal Godhead, never has to fear that his prayer will go unheard .... The seeker finds Me, the one who longs for Me, will possess Me - and the one who gives himself completely to Me, will be united with Me for all eternity.  For I know all your thoughts and am in most intimate union with those who do not deny Me.  And if you, My child, ask yourself the question why you of all people should fulfill this task, let it be enough for you as an answer that I come to him who comes to Me .... who finds the way to Me in Spirit and in truth.

Behold, people have such a wrong concept of their Divinity that they go such wrong ways, that they look for Me in infinite distance and that also My strength and power is a quite distant concept to them .... They certainly also speak of the love of God, but they also do not understand this word in it's deepest meaning, otherwise they would have to know that My love wants to grant them everything what is beneficial to them, and that what I deny them, is exactly that which cannot be beneficial to them .... and so the misery and the suffering of the earth seems unbearable to them, they would have to recognize from it that their walk on earth is such that I have to let such things happen to them, because I Myself am love .... And yet they do not know about My great love for My children ....

And the God to Whom they pray, is nothing but a tradition inherited from the fathers .... a faith of which one does not want to drop out of reverence - but never the real, living faith, which lets the heart pray to Him intimately, i.e. in spirit and in truth.  But those who do this, I am close to them, so close that they can feel My breath, hear My Word and receive My Spirit .... And only those who seek Me in such closeness, will be allowed to participate in the work of redemption already on earth ....

This task is so exceedingly great and necessary for the sake of the many erring souls, and again My call sounds to all you who want to serve Me: I need you .... I still want to bring salvation to many through you .... I want to speak to people through you, and your work in love shall make this possible.  And when therefore the call goes out to you to fight for the One Who loves you, then follow this call quickly and don't let yourselves be held back; I do everything out of love for you, and I will reward you for the love which you show Me, for all eternity.




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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Therefore we are looking for translators who would like to help us to continue translating this work into English.

As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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