Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1056 14.8.1939

Areas of all attempts directed against the work ....

Take note of this that all beings on the other side approach you helpfully when you give them the opportunity for it through your call for them.  And therefore the power is immeasurably great, which is possible for you to receive, and this is to take away every doubt from you in seemingly dangerous times.  See, what offers itself to heaven for the service, participates as it were actively in the great work of redemption, which is nevertheless the epitome of the activity of the world beyond, and stands therefore also in the center of the power-radiation of God, and now the one who is active on earth, can make extensive use of this power and apply it everywhere where he is resisted wherever this is valid for spiritual work, especially for the redeeming activity on earth.

Therefore the earthly child is entitled to put a stop to all destructive measures by his will, by his power in him, which is an influx of the Divine power .... It can also, in cases of serious danger to the work, command the opponent under threat of punishment from above, in the name of the Lord, to refrain from his intention, and may be assured of God's fullest support and the world beyond .... For the work on the erring souls has become so urgently necessary, that the Lord gives extraordinary strength to all who contend for Him.  And no danger shall frighten you away from the utmost work .... No threats shall be a reason to keep or to slacken in this fight, which is meant for the erring ones.

Who has gained the firmness of faith that he always and at any time unites himself in spirit with all power coming from God .... when he is able through faith to no longer consider himself as single, but as it were knowing himself in most intimate union with all spiritual out of God, then his power on earth is great, and he does not need to fear any regulations or interventions of the world .... Heaven blesses those who serve Him, and thus spiritual power will protect man on all paths for the sake of the souls who are to be led out of spiritual darkness to the light ....



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