Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1057 15.8.1939

Reason for receiving ....
(rejecting sister?)

Beware, the adversary is lurking everywhere to bring you down .... Therefore, pray without ceasing that the Lord may protect you in all danger.  "Become like children" - says the Lord, and He blesses those who, childlike, entrust themselves to Him .... - "and keep away everything that may shake the childlike faith."  Behold, as the Lord teaches you, you are also His true children, and you may receive the gifts that the Lord Himself offers you with gratitude and joy.

But you must have gone through a certain school before, which made you inwardly mature for the reception of such teachings.  Your way was certainly more difficult - however, this brought about that you have found Him, and so He could now offer you the bread from the heavens .... And now a great earthly task has been given to you on the one hand, but on the other hand you are offered a refreshment which gives you extraordinary strength to fulfill the task.  Grasp and understand it: The Lord gave you an office and also makes you strong for this office.

And what you now receive is so powerful, that it will sure be difficult for many an earthly child to comprehend it .... For the spirit of those who believe to stand alone in the light, is still unawakened .... and their mind is not yet receptive to wisdom of this kind, but heartfelt devotion to the Savior will also bring them the right knowledge at the right time.  The Lord knows His children, and He knows how to give what is right for each child.  But if you meet with resistance, then only seek clarification from Him, Who will truly advise you right .... He will not let anyone walk who approaches Him for advice the wrong way and help ....



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