Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1062 19.8.1939

The happiness of the Lord's dwelling in the heart ....

Whoever sacrifices everything on earth to Me, I look upon him favorably, for since his heart is free from all earthly desire, I can now inhabit it .... and with Me, indescribable happiness moves into the heart .... which, however, is completely different from earthly happiness .... Those who have received Me into their heart, henceforth desire nothing else but My presence, and since they thus love Me dearly, this desire will be fulfilled .... I let Myself be found by My child.  I only want his love .... I want the child to seek Me and long for Me, and then I am always ready to give Myself .... I grant highest happiness to the earthly child who find Me; I take it to My heart and feed and water the child with My love.

But I can never grant highest happiness to him who still carries other wishes in his heart.  For every desire applying to earthly joy, makes My stay in such a heart impossible, because the world and I are two poles, which are opposed to each other; the world offers certainly - earthly seen - innumerable comforts, but it can never insert into the goods it hands out, the feeling of the intimate connection with Me .... it would be so unthinkable, because two so opposite concepts could never agree.

He who loves the world and it's splendor and pomp, cannot tangibly feel the happiness that the presence of the Lord triggers.  And vice versa, man will detest everything earthly, if he is given the grace of God-connectedness for it.  I embrace such a child with such intimate love, that it is no longer felt by the body, but by the spirit - and the latter suddenly recognizes it's origin and forcibly joins the Father from eternity .....

He has looked into the light and therefore from that time on, no longer fears the darkness - and once the spirit has recognized itself and has felt the loving approach in the eternal Divinity and therefore has taken a look into heavenly delights, then all earthly desire is killed - because what the world offers, appears stale and empty to the earthly child, and the child always and only seeks unification with the Savior .... For I promise My own unspeakable bliss already on earth, if they carry Me in their hearts .... and no longer pay attention to worldly pleasures ....




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