Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1063 20.8.1939

Outpouring of the Holy Spirit ....

The Lord wants to give you information about an exceedingly important teaching, which was submitted to you people up to now very obscured and therefore difficult to accept, however, it is too serious to be completely disregarded.  This applies both in earthly and in spiritual relationship, because the predetermined course of the earthly existence, makes a certain degree of maturity of the soul possible, this however depends on the respective attitude of humans to exactly this teaching.

Behold, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is still something completely incomprehensible to humans, and because they have not yet understood the meaning of the words, they also do not attach any importance to them and therefore simply reject them, which is tremendously disadvantageous for the earthly child.  For not only does he himself pass away in extreme poverty of spirit, he also has no understanding for gifts of the Spirit imparted to other people, and this is the cause that mankind does not recognize any visible expressions of Divine power.

Let a person try to imagine how excruciating the condition would be for him, if he did not succeed to hold on to a thought, if only always a thought appeared like a flash and disappear immediately again from the consciousness .... and it will be already understandable then that this thought-material is something one cannot reject arbitrarily.  And again it must be pointed out that nevertheless no power is sent indiscriminately into the universe, but is led after God's wise counsel there where, by the will of man, this is suitable as an energy-carrier, to accept such power.

And this power from God is His Spirit .... which pours out on people if they are only willing to serve as a vessel, and therefore the outpouring of the Holy Spirit cannot be understood differently than that God imparts Himself - i.e. His power, His Spirit - unmeasured to those who wants to receive .... Whoever desires the holiest thing from God, His Spirit flowing from Him, asks for it, proves himself worthy of it and is thus ready to receive the holiest thing - the power from God - is poured out on him .... And so this Divine Spirit orders all thinking and feeling in man, the Spirit of God guides the earthly child into the holy truth, into deepest knowledge .... And the Spirit of God announces itself through the mouth of man ....

The spirit in a willing earthly child is ready for every instruction .... the Spirit out of God, which can now express Himself through a man, wants to announce everything to the people and give them what is beneficial for the salvation of their souls .... and this Spirit out of God must of course also be able to accomplish things by virtue of His perfection, which are impossible for man alone.   So when the Spirit of God pours over a man, there is no more talk about natural speech, thinking and acting; the Divine Spirit directs the thought-activity, it directs the will to Word and deed, and He works out of Himself the most obvious signs of His Divinity .....

And if you now consider that all of you who walk on earth, are equally entitled to request the Spirit out of God and that He would pour over everyone, if you make an effort to be receptive, then you will understand how tremendously important the understanding for this process is and how little you use this grace, which is due to all of you .... How poorly you remain in spirit, because you do not pay attention to the Source of inestimable spiritual wealth and only let your thought-activity become active to the very smallest extent and also still put yourselves on the defensive, where you are given the proof that only the desire to receive must be practiced, if a loving earthly child wants to be given an infinitely rich gift through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. ....




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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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