Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1068 24.8.1939

Arrogance ....
Knowledge ....
Faith ....

An insurmountable obstacle to spiritual maturity is the arrogant opinion of a person that he stands in knowledge and therefore have no more need for instruction, because this person erects such a wall and sets, as it were, barriers to his spirit, which cannot be removed until the thinking of such a person is completely transformed and he, small and humbly, recognizes his previous wrong thinking.  A cup cannot hold clear, pure water as long as it contains any other liquid.

And so the human intellect is occupied with knowledge of every kind and believing that one is able to solve also spiritual questions with such knowledge, one will hardly deal with spiritual things.  And it is therefore very difficult to win a fully earthly occupied person to solve spiritual questions, because to him, every minute seems to be precious for earthly purposes, and therefore he resists thinking, which is useless in his opinion.  He only sees the world and tries to get behind unsolved questions intellectually, and his results are always inviolable, provided he can prove them purely intellectually.

He rejects spiritual research, and so the work and power of God is to be made understandable to him last of all.  And likewise his spirit will not be able to get in touch with the primordial Divine Spirit .... For it remains unawakened in spite of the greatest worldly knowledge, and thus a man who has the greatest successes to show before the world, is small and poor in spiritual knowledge .... Soberly judging, he sees only all outer life, he sees only the shell, but not the core .... He sees what is around him, but not it's purpose and meaning.  He has no visible proof of spiritual assertions, and therefore he puts himself in arrogant defense to everything spiritual research brings about.  And it is therefore extremely regrettable that spiritual truths find no entrance where man actually wants to be highly developed, and that only because he has eliminated faith from his life ....

How enormously far a man could bring it in his knowledge, if he would bring the spiritual gift given to him by God - his intellectual thinking - in connection with the deepest faith .... All areas would be opened to him and all knowledge would be imparted, if he could truly believe that God can enlighten his spirit and introduce him to all truth.  But spiritual arrogance sets a boundary between worldly and spiritual knowledge .... Spiritual arrogance sets up an insurmountable barrier, it is an obstacle that cannot be overcome in any other way than by recognizing one's own inadequacy and consequently by the deepest inner humility .... Only then can the right path .... the path to truth .... be taken ....




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