Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1069 24.8.1939

Influx of spiritual power ....
Maturity ....

Hear the Divine voice: The access to all spiritual opens for you people from that hour when you cultivate love in you and therefore already work spiritually.  For love, which is truly unselfish, is in itself spiritual activity, and so it also increases in itself through every new deed of love, and therefore the man who is active in love, will reach spiritual maturity, because everything spiritually mature connects itself with a loving earthly child and therefore also increases spiritual power.  If the influx of spiritual power expresses itself during earthly existence, then such earthly existence is truly not lived in vain, because it already brought about union with the spiritual, and therefore the state of maturity must be secured, where union with the spiritual happens uninterruptedly.

If you people at all times seek to unite with the good, then naturally man must also be willing to do what he recognizes as good .... He cannot strive for something he does not deem valuable to possess, and he will therefore only desire what is really his innermost need .... And if he now loves unselfishly, he is inevitably drawn to God .... He is drawn to all spiritual power, the starting point of which is again the eternal Godhead .... And he desires everything Divine from the bottom of his heart and hence in fact desires spiritual power.  He wants to increase in himself the desire for God, love for God and all good power, because this helps him to approach the eternal Godhead, and thus his request and supplication is at all times turned toward God ....

And the desire of the earthly child grows the more intimately it devotes itself to God, because it is seized by spiritual power.  It perpetually overflows into the heart of the earthly child, which is therefore lovingly active, and it can therefore never be abandoned by good spiritual power, since it connects itself continuously with this through every spiritual thought, through every spiritual conversation and through the very contact with God through intimate prayer.  Prayer in itself conveys an indescribable influx of spiritual power, because when a person prays, he opens his heart for every grant of grace from above .... he begs God for power and is therefore also the recipient of this power, since he is willing to accept help from God.  And so the Spirit increases continuously, and this results in spiritual maturity, because the human being who constantly desires the Spirit from God, must also mature in the same measure, because he uses Divine grace, which makes his way on earth an easy one. ....




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