Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1099 20.9.1939

Formation of the national soul by otherworldly beings ....

The community of souls of those in the hereafter, who are responsible for the care of the earthly beings, brings to light immensely valuable results, namely in the formation of the national soul, which still recognizes most readily the seriousness of wrong acting and thinking.  The more straightforward and unformed the character of a nation is, the more easily it recognizes the worthlessness of the transitory and the more readily it endeavors to create eternal values.  However, as soon as earthly values begin to accumulate, as soon as a certain prosperity has reached, even these strata of the people, thinking begins to shallow out and to take it's course in a destructive way, and nothing is more dangerous for a people than to have entered this path.

How childlike humble and prayerful a heart beats towards the Father in heaven, as long as it is not yet burdened with the concern for earthly goods, of which the addiction to accumulate, separates the soul of man from the eternal Godhead.  And a nation who always and constantly have only one goal of becoming great, strong and powerful, is on the other hand in great danger of becoming spiritually weak, small and low - and this is understandable, because it no longer listens to the voice within, it closes itself to the influences of the yonder world, it clings too much to the earthly, to still have contact with otherworldly power.  The one who is small in this world and does not complain with thoughts of increasing his earthly possessions, nevertheless enriches himself in such a way that his possessions outlast all times. ....

And therefore the national soul is still the most likely bearer of spiritual power, it is still the most likely to find the way to God, to the Father .... and can still most likely get in touch with all spiritual power.  If, however, also there the foundations are shaken, if also in the nation, faith is shaken in such a way that they no longer find the way to the Father in times of need because they no longer see Him in their spiritual blindness, then all work of the spiritual forces is in vain, and the greater the will of love of these beings is to help, the greater resistance opposes it.  And if the nation is in such a state of mind, then there is true misery on earth .....

Then also the time has come for the transitoriness of earthly goods to be made clear to him, because only great earthly trouble again brings about belief in a higher Being, and only then the effort of the beings on the other side will again be crowned with success.  And therefore must this nation be affected extraordinarily and suffer, and there will therefore be great misery where the nation's soul is in danger of being completely dominated by matter, and a purification must be effected, which again is not possible differently than by how it expresses itself now everywhere .... through misery and worry in every way.




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