Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1100 20.9.1939

Primordial relationship ....
State of happiness in the afterlife ....

Who connects himself with the eternal Godhead, in his soul is also rooted the deep desire to be one with Him, and thus the separation between the earthly child and the Father in heaven is overcome - the gulf which separated them becomes smaller, to finally give way to the sure feeling of the union - and thus the original relationship is restored, and now is an indescribably beautiful state the spiritual being's lot .... an infinitely happy harmony, which is neither temporally nor spatially limited and therefore a permanent state, embracing everything in infinity.  This requires an infinitely long time, but once this state is reached, everything that has passed in eternity is only a fleeting moment, and the joys of eternity outweigh all suffering in an unredeemed state, a thousand-fold.

The less man is anxious to create for himself a luxuriant earthly life which satisfies him in every respect, the easier the pilgrimage through the earthly valley will seem to him, and so when he leaves the earthly life ...., if he has covered it with love, nothing will remind him of the time on earth, and he will only look with compassion on the many erring souls who completely lack the concept of time and who can therefore languish for endless times in the hereafter before the moment of redemption has come for them.

Time can pass in the most agonizing self-reproaches in the hereafter, but it can also appear to the being like a single moment, and it is always Divine providence, so that the being may pass from the unconscious state into a better, clear spiritual state, recognizing itself and the environment .... But the being itself must be active, so that the hour of redemption gives it the legitimate freedom.  And so the Father in heaven considers His children in a way that is beneficial for them ....

The spiritual beings, which are allowed to send information to the world, must fit into the time-span of the earthly existence, they must adjust themselves to earthly laws and must therefore also take into account the human soul, which still has a narrowly limited understanding in the present spiritual state and must therefore first be instructed in detail.  An unfinished soul in the hereafter often does not know to distinguish the past, present and future, but the perfected ones have the privilege of having no more concept of time ....




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