Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1104 22.9.1939

Power of evil ....
Liberation of the spirit ....
Redemption ....

Whoever is in the power of evil cannot easily escape it, and a perpetual fight must begin, and this fight can only lead to victory if the fighter submits himself to God the Lord Himself, so that He may lead him into the fight and assist him.   Therefore, all struggles in the world are successful only if they are conducted with God and are directed against all evil.  For the battle of annihilation is always directed only against evil, the good should emerge victorious and man on earth should always strive to overcome all matter as a part of evil.  Then the good in him will increase and man will redeem himself from the power of evil.  This is the meaning and purpose of the whole life on earth.

But if it is used to add goods to goods, to increase matter, which is part of evil, the earthly walk becomes completely purposeless and the shell around the human soul thickens, which should be dissolved to give freedom to the spirit inside.  All desire for matter intensifies the imprisonment of the spirit, which is from God, and gives the adversary always new handles to seize the soul.  If only people would realize this and flee that which seems desirable to them, for it brings them certain ruin.

For if the spirit cannot express itself out of God .... if it cannot emerge out of it's envelopment, man is spiritually blind, he sees nothing, hears nothing and feels nothing of the breath of God in and around him .... he only pays attention to the things which are outside, the world and it's sham goods, and desires these with all his senses, while he carelessly rejects spiritual good.  And this state of the soul is unbelievably burdensome for it, and cannot be remedied until man lets go of his striving for earthly goods, for all matter, and turns to God out of his own free will.

And if man considers his imprisonment in matter through immemorial times, which he was not allowed to end voluntarily and arbitrarily, and now sets against it the stay on earth, which makes it easy for him to free himself from it, .... it must be unmistakable to him that he commits the greatest injustice against his Creator, Who grants him this time of grace for the complete liberation and he makes so little use of it.

But if he does not believe, he also rejects all admonitions and warnings, and this is the basic evil - that man lacks faith - and therefore all references to the Divinity, to the purpose and aim of earthly life, to the soul and spirit, are in vain and so he rejects the truth and takes account of the spirit of lies, which makes all earthly goods presented to man, appear desirable.  And therefore it is necessary to preach the Word of God to them again and again, so that they recognize their spiritual state and enter into themselves .....



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