Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1113 25.9.1939

Purification through the fire of love ....
Kingdom of peace on earth ....

The soul will emerge purified by the fire of love, and it will be aware of it's present state and gratefully recognize that the Father has led it wisely and lovingly and has saved it from eternal ruin.  And the earthly life will appear to it only as a shadow, it is overcome and only faintly clings to the memory, since everything sorrowful now no longer touches the soul.  The night of the spirit has given way to the brightest, most radiant dawn, and the soul revels in heavenly delights.

Who now reaches this state of the soul still on earth, only puts away the earthly body like an annoying cover and enters carefree through the gate to eternity.  However, this purification-process of the soul must have begun before, otherwise it is impossible for the soul to purify itself from all dross and to emerge crystal clear, as is necessary for entering the spheres of light in the hereafter.  As long as the purification of the soul is not yet completely accomplished, it denies itself entrance into those spheres .... it still somehow clings to the old world and is not yet completely loosened, so this bond must first be removed, and this is only possible through love, which is opposed to suffering .... through the intimate love with which a person wants to remedy the suffering of others.  And thus this fire of love will consume the last remnant of the dross still clinging to the soul, and the soul emerges completely purified from the purification process.

Whoever visualizes this procedure, will now also recognize in what way love has a redeeming effect .... he will understand that it is only through love that it is possible to be able to enter the kingdom of eternal peace .... and so people give love to each other, working to keep suffering away from each other, and always put love for the neighbor and therefore also for God before all action and thinking, the kingdom of peace will also already be on earth, and people could travel the earth's journey without deep suffering ....

But where love dies, there is already the kingdom of darkness, the opposing power rules and incites people against each other, and this lack of love has bad consequences, the cover around the human soul becomes more and more impenetrable, but there is no other method to dissolve this cover than exactly this activity in love.  Everything that is Divine, is bright, light and clear .... and so the soul must also be bright, light and clear in order to be able to unite with God, and in this realization, it must make use of a means that is also Divine .... of love .... This means is of such extraordinary power, that it can wipe out all guilt, loosen all fetters, melt all dross and remove all garbage .... it purifies the soul which can thus become bright, light and clear .... and unites through love with the eternal Godhead ....




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