Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1119 27.9.1939

Diversity of creations ....

Creation as man sees it, is only an infinitesimally small part of the work of creation and does not allow to draw conclusions at all on the miracles of the Divine creation which are hidden to the eyes of man and also must be since these are not of such a kind that man could grasp them.  What man is able to see, is always adapted to his ability to comprehend, but the whole creation shows so many wonders which are completely different in kind and form than the earth.

When looking at the innumerable creations which are accessible to man, the question must be raised whether these formations exist only on earth or whether also on other celestial bodies or world-bodies the same law rules and also the same creations exist.  And this must be denied.  The celestial bodies are created in innumerable variations, and man cannot imagine how different each celestial body is in itself and how they, which are nevertheless subordinated to the one Law-giver ...., hold such different creatures and nevertheless again all these creations serve the same purpose - to contribute to the perfection of the souls.

The creatures have everywhere a certain mutability of their outer form, and they therefore animate the star to which they are assigned, and fulfill there their task which was given to them from the beginning.  This must be clarified before man can take insight into the versatility of the creations which are not visible to him.  And this is also only allowed for the purpose that they pay more attention to the earthly appearances in the coming time, so that the coming into being of the creation is made understandable to them and also the coming changes are illuminated from the spiritual side .....



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