Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Research-work ....
Stars ....
Venus ....

The most untiring research work does not come nearer to this aim, as long as at the same time assistance is not desired from the spiritual side, because the researcher goes without knowledge to a work which is to be accomplished only spiritually.  From the human point of view, all works of creation - also those outside of the earth - would have to have the same material legality, and they would have to be subjected to the same laws of nature, because otherwise an existence and coming into being of the people is not conceivable.

Now, however, all creations are based on other laws of nature for the first time, then also the composition in material relation is so fundamentally different with every single work of creation and, besides, also the basic condition for the possibility of existence of the beings inhabiting the creations deviates so much from each other that human science would stand here before a completely unsolvable riddle, if it would approach the investigation of these works of creation just purely scientifically.  And all results up to now are completely worthless, because they do not approach the truth in the least.

The sense of man, the ability to grasp and judge does not reach beyond the earthly sphere, and there are only few possibilities to explain other creations in such a way that they are comprehensible to man .... The basic elements, which man has to know for the understanding of their work, are completely meaningless in other celestial bodies, and the knowledge about it cannot be used for the determination of any phenomena, which one would like to clarify.  In order to penetrate into the secrets of other works of creation, a complete detachment from the earthly sphere, a freeing from everything visible on earth, is first necessary, the human being has to connect himself spiritually with the spiritual powers of those worlds and to accept as a newcomer all explanations concerning this.  And now try whether you will succeed in this .....

A star of indescribable charm is the star to which you have given the name Venus.  You must never imagine a structure like the earth, there are in regular intervals bright areas, which seem varied and extremely attractive to the viewer.  These regions are animated by beings of the strangest kind according to human concepts.  The stay in these areas is only temporary for these beings, since also this heavenly body serves the entities for further development.  The whole surface of the celestial body is lovely to look at and offers it's inhabitants a blissful stay for a short time, because they change it perpetually.

This world is so far removed from earthly comprehension, that only a spiritual experience - to see it - can convey the impressions to man and that it is also then still unspeakably difficult for man to reproduce these impressions that the fellow man imagine it for himself.  And nevertheless also between that heavenly body and the earth, a spiritual connection exists, which makes it possible to be instructed, since a necessary state of maturity is needed, to replace the lacking human knowledge and is therefore the first condition, in order to penetrate into areas which otherwise remain closed to the human being. ....




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