Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1122 28.9.1939

(Continued from No. 1121) Prerequisite ....

The power of the spirit can also only work there where it is granted freedom, and so the spirit of him who lacks all faith in the God-spark slumbering in him, can never express itself.  And so the gap which separates such people from knowledge is unbridgeable, until once the unworthiness of all earthly things comes to his consciousness and his thinking is slowly transformed .... Then man turns to the Divinity and asks for things, which are answered by the Divine Spirit, and now the power of the Spirit expresses itself - at first still unclear to man, but if he is serious about spiritual knowledge, the answer will come to him more and more clearly and understandably.  So the Spirit has become active in him ....

The spiritual science is either cultivated with full zeal or completely rejected .... The God-seeking, loving man will always be introduced to it, and he will recognize that he can again and again draw from this container of wisdom, if he is hungry for knowledge, and that every field will be opened to him by it .... and that, in fullest truth and highest perfection.  But to the worldly striving, all spiritual influence remains foreign, because if he receives appropriate instructions or hints, he does not pay attention to it ....

His train of thought is so secularized, that he has no understanding for this fine spiritual language of the informed one.  Everything is so incomprehensible to him, that he doubts - at most with regret - his [the informed's] clear thinking, but never takes such transmissions seriously.  And the proof of - a to him foreign concept - that a force can express itself in the human being is not to be furnished to him in a purely factual way .... This thought is troublesome to him, and therefore he does not research to prove it's correctness.  And his state of soul remains still the same - unfinished and backward and the man is completely ignorant and thereby living in the conviction that his knowledge exceeds that of his fellow human beings by far.

But one day, these poor ones will have to recognize the misery which their blinded thinking has caused .... For their worldly knowledge is not valued in the hereafter, and in spiritual knowledge they are poor and empty .... And if those knowledgeable beings, misjudged in earthly life, would not help them and take care of their misery, it would be truly bad for such souls.  And what was so easily available to them on earth, must now be gained with difficulty and with great effort in the hereafter, and the remorse for the missed opportunity on earth, will torment these beings once they have recognized how necessary spiritual knowledge and the working of spiritual power is for the higher development of all beings. ....




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