Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1123 29.9.1939

Beings are bearers of Divine power ....
Stars are central stations ....

The Lord lets all spiritual entities step into the infinite universe and assigns to each it's purpose.  The lord lets all His creations take possession of the beings and these carry out all functions which the Creator has ordered for the purpose of the continuance of His creations.  An inconceivable activity develops therefore in the total creation, and this activity again can be carried out only through Divine power .... If the Divine power would not work through all these beings, they would be dead and inactive.  Therefore all these beings are carriers of the spiritual power, exercise their activity through this and generate again thereby in itself the power to a certain degree, to be able to enter then into a new sphere of activity.

And therefore all worlds, all celestial bodies are again central stations or collecting points of Divine radiations, and all entities are nourished and receive the fluid necessary for it's continuance uninterruptedly from it's Creator and Producer .... to be able to understand this process, man only needs to imagine how powerless and helpless every newborn child is and how it is dependent on the nourishment and any assistance of the earthly producers .... and if it is an apparently independent being, independent of everything else, it is nevertheless linked to it's producers through the bonds of nature ....

How much more now the creature, which has come forth out of nothing .... produced by Divine Love's will .... but which is now destined to develop to the highest God-like being .... If the Creator makes this demand on His created being, then He must also give them with it, the means to be able to do justice to these demands.  And this means is His power .... He feeds everything with His power and thus also ensures the preservation of everything that He has created.  And the beings receive this power uninterruptedly, unconsciously, until they enter that conscious stage where it is possible for them to request this power unmeasured and to fulfill their last task with ease .....

Man on earth has the one advantage over all spiritual beings, that no limitation of the Divine power is set for him and it is left to him to request and use it .... He has this one advantage, that he can turn to his Creator again and again and ask Him for the granting of this power and thus make use of the last stay on earth to reach the goal set for him and to become a God-like being, the true child of God ....




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