Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1126 4.10.1939

Prediction ....
Natural history ....
Devastating disease ....

I still set you a shortest time limit so that you reflect and leave the way which you now walk on earth.  And when the hour has come, which is to bring about their downfall, you will recognize it by the light of the day, how it softens at unusual time, and you will see the last sign in the darkness .... You will be warned for the last time and again be admonished to turn back, because the individual can still avert eternal ruin for himself, the possibility is still offered to him to save his soul, and he then gives up his life only to receive it again.

But this hour will be terrible, because the earth trembles, the water rushes forth and floods the land with roaring and raging, and mankind recognizes that it is powerless against the driving of the forces of nature.  And the despair will be great and the horror indescribable, so the approaching end is recognizable to them.  And a great accusation against the Deity will sound, but they will not think of their own guilt.  They remain stubborn even in this great trouble, except for a few whom I will visibly help.  For those who give glory to God the Lord and confess their guilt to Him, shall not be completely destroyed.

And the judgment will be only brief, and so the sun breaks again through the clouds, the horror of the night is over .... nevertheless, the earthly damage is incalculable.  More radiantly than ever the sun will shine, calmly and mildly the air will be felt, and everything will present itself in the light of the dawn to the eyes of the survivors, but the horror will not let people become glad, until they have surrendered to Me and leave all further ways to Me.

And My Spirit will enlighten these weak ones, they will suddenly become seeing and the horror will give way to a higher knowledge, they will praise and glorify Me and be happy and grateful that I have taken pity on them and have chosen them for the procreation of the race .... and their love for Me will ignite, and they will compete to offer Me their services, and I will choose them to be My servants, and now spiritual food will be offered to them, and an end will be put to the exceedingly great spiritual hardship and a new age will begin which will place spiritual striving in the foreground and worldly desire will be only faintly represented.  Those who take part in this great event, will remember it until their end, because the Divine Creator .... expressed Himself so evidently.

A messenger of God goes through the country and lets his warning cry sound before .... Before that, the world will shun that land which will spread misery and distress to all people through disease and pestilence of all kinds, in horror.  A devastating disease will befall the people, and they will find no salvation, and this will be the beginning of the end .... And now the new kingdom has come into being, it will be ruled by a just judge, a benevolent wise monarch, who, without finding resistance, will be recognized everywhere, and even if the illusory world currently still rules everything, it will fall apart and have to give way to the new time, and truth and righteousness will be the sign that a separation from everything unclean has taken place .... that the lie and the illusion had to give way, because it was My will .....




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