Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1127 5.10.1939

Doing without for the benefit of your fellow man ....
Charity ....

The welfare of the general public very often demands a renunciation of one's own well-being.  And therefore a certain sacrifice must be made in order to be able to serve one's neighbor.  Nothing is more beneficial to man's soul than a willing renunciation of all the comforts of life in favor of his fellow man.  This is true charity, which has an indescribably beneficial effect.  Such action already on earth entails the greatest blessing, because it awakens love in return and thus contributes to man's ennoblement.  And the Father in heaven lets His children receive the same, what they do and give to each other .... And thus also earthly goods are increased to the blessing of the givers, as long as it is not done for the sake of reward .... However, far greater is the effect of all such deeds in eternity.

There sure are countless people on earth who do not want to feel comfortable with this willing help towards their neighbor, they reject everything that could remind them of such helping deeds, and yet they do themselves the greatest harm, because one day they will have to record a deficit, and this will be bitterly regretted.  Because that which the neighbor once desired, is now their most ardent wish, if they need the love and the mercy of other souls in the same poverty and neediness and it is now denied to them.

And therefore give .... with full hands, if you are approached for it, and seek to alleviate the need where you can .... Offer yourselves if you can help your fellow human being by doing so, and know that the Father in heaven will not deny you His mercy if you ask Him for an earthly gift. .... For He does not leave His child in need, but in the same way you should also give up everything that you can give to your fellow human being in order to alleviate his need.  And if you feel the kindness and love of the Father in yourselves, remember the poor at all times and always turn your love and mercy to them, too, and do not let them go without.  .... For the Lord God has brought you together so that you may help one another, comfort one another and alleviate all suffering, so that you may redeem yourselves through works of unselfish charity and at the same time awaken love and thus contribute to the ennoblement of mankind ....




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