Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1129 8.10.1939

Thinking ability and understanding of the world ....
Sensibility of the heart ....

It is not the ability to think that is decisive for the inner spiritual condition of man, and it is not the greatness of the worldly mind that determines the state of maturity of the soul, but only the degree of love of the one who, regardless of his earthly abilities and situation in life, tries to approach God and feels this desire in the deepest heart.  And neither worldly wisdom nor extraordinary intellectual activity belongs to this, but everyone can cultivate the feeling of the heart, since it slumbers in him as a germ and it is every man's own business to bring this germ to bloom, and for this also every man has the ability .... Where else would be the justice of God .... if He wanted to make the conditions for reaching perfection easier for one person and more difficult for another ....

The same possibility and the same advantages are available to all people, it may seem as if the natural preconditions were so different, that they must also produce different developments.  The simple, uncomplicated thinking of one person seems to have an advantage, that he more readily believe ... on the other hand, however, the person whose intellectual thinking is extraordinarily developed, is able to contemplate the wonders of Divine creation in more detail, and so could he, who has the opportunity to gain insight into God's creation in the most extensive way, also become a believer, if arrogance do not prevent him from doing this through intellectual knowledge, and this again is just a resistance which he has to overcome voluntarily for the purpose of perfection ....

The same conditions are given to all beings, and therefore every being has to fight against the same weaknesses and faults, but victory is gained by one a in shorter time, while others often succumb and thereby only strengthen their faults and therefore always need greater strength to overcome them, and so therefore some ugly characteristic will be expressed more strongly, because they did not fight against it from the beginning, but initially only considerably contributed to it's increase and now all the greater resistance is necessary.

Therefore, it never has any disadvantage for the life of the soul or the possibility of the maturing of the soul, whether man's thoughts moves in smaller or larger districts, because in the end only the receptivity of the heart is decisive, but this is every individual's own business to develop it or to let it atrophy, because the love of God has endowed all His earthly children with this ability and only left it to the individual beings to use it according to their will. ....




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