Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1130 8.10.1939

Apparent cruelty ....
Destruction of all property ....

Blessed are those who profess Me, who entrust themselves to Me and desire My love .... They have found the way to Me and can no longer go astray.  And their souls are saved for eternity ....

So hear My Word: The world sees limitless misery, and people's greed assumes proportions which inevitably must lead to evils of the most blatant kind, and no earthly power will succeed to put a stop to the outrageous cruelties .... And since earthly rulers cannot make use of their power, all their efforts to stop the acts of violence will be useless, the Divinity Himself will intervene and wrestle their power from them, and that in an incomprehensible way.

But Divine intervention is of such drastic importance for all people, because from the beginning everyone fears for his life,  recognizing his powerlessness - and at the same time, the working of God-hostile forces in man.  None of the enemies can touch the life of those who walk with God in all their ways.  Although they recognize the powerlessness of the hitherto unconquered, they abstain from confrontation with earthly power, because there will be hardly any goodwill, since they their goal is to destroy certain views and thus also those who persist in such views.

Those will indeed be severely affected, because the world will rage - strife and quarrels among mankind will reach the highest bloom and the commandments of Divine Love will be little or no longer observed, and therefore all these creatures are in the power of Satan, and in order to redeem them from it, the heavenly Father must also use means which could almost be called cruel, if man does not want to surrender to him believingly .... For only he who fully trusts in the Lord, recognizes His hand in every event.  And what the whole world gets excited about, will seem inevitable and necessary to the believing earthly child, but the world does not yet recognize the true meaning of all apparently cruel events .... it only sees the suffering, but not the blessing of the suffering.

And since the Lord takes care of a people that is sinking and whose spiritual condition is so sad, He meets the people exactly there where they are still too attached to the earthly .... He takes from them all possessions .... He lets the people get to know poverty, and in this poverty, He again places at their disposal the graces that are available to them all.  For the Lord does not intend to destroy, but only to change their thinking .... And so He must turn their thinking to the spiritual and turn away from the earthly, and this is the purpose of all coming events, which could mislead you people to the assumption that earthly wealth is haphazardly destroyed by Divine will .... that the fight would be only to destroy matter. ....

Matter must certainly be overcome, however no such cruelties are truly necessary for it .... but now it shall turn out how peace-loving people can spend their life when God Himself removes all obstacles from their way .... and since mankind does nothing else than to increase goods and chattels in the small as well as in the big, so the Lord will just remove these obstacles to eternal life for them and therefore let an event come over mankind, which will speak clearly enough for itself, however was recognized by God's wisdom as a last attempt to rescue erring souls and has therefore been predetermined since eternity ....




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