Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1131 9.10.1939

Spiritual humility ....
Arrogance ....

To practice humility of mind means a noticeable progress of the soul .... You humans often do not know how easily and quickly you fall into the mistake of becoming spiritually arrogant, i.e., you do not resist the thoughts that make you arrogant and make you believe that you are infallible in the spiritual realm. .... Behold, often a small hint is enough that you also already feel called to apply your knowledge, although you yourselves have not yet penetrated into all truth .... And you represent your view eagerly, you let only your opinion count and are so completely convinced of the truthfulness of your words .... and you are nevertheless mistaken .... And this only because you have lost the childlike humility and therefore you can be called spiritually arrogant.

You are well-taught by God, and God protects His servants on earth from conscious deception .... and these His servants also have the best will to give back to the people what they were taught, but they often come into life-situations which demand a certain superiority .... and in order to motivate this, he puts on himself a knowledge which has not yet been imparted to him .... he draws from the knowledge of the intellect, but never consults the heart .... he therefore does not wait for the working of the Spirit in him, but reaches out to it beforehand .... He exalts himself where he should remain in all humility until the Divine Spirit descends upon him.  This is only an indication of the great danger that can threaten a servant of God, if he is not very serious about mediating the pure truth .... about mediating the pure Word of God ....

As long as really true neighborly love dominates man, it will be impossible for deep humility to disappear and arrogance to expresses itself instead, because true love does not seek own honor and own advantage .... it just gives love to people; it gives - and that without any restriction, and it will also always and constantly remain in humility, because it has no urge at all for recognition and only always gives to the fellow man without claiming for itself to be considered wise and knowing.

The success he achieves for the other soul is fully sufficient for the loving man, he has no other endeavor than to remove the spiritual darkness of his fellow man, and otherwise remains what he has been up to now .... an industrious, modest servant of God, who receives the gifts from the Father's hand in deepest humility and willingly passes them on at any time .... For all Divine grace is rooted in deepest humility .... but spiritual arrogance means spiritual stagnation, and therefore the Lord warns you, His servants on earth, that you may fulfill your task and work for blessing as long as you dwell on earth ....




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