Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1137 15.10.1939

Eternal damnation ....
Non-existence - unredeemed ....

Inseparably connected is the Creator of heaven and earth with all His creatures, nothing is viable without the supply of His power and therefore this power must be imparted to every work of creation to keep it alive.  So all entities are in constant connection with the highest Entity and therefore the being can only go a way which is not wanted by God, but without being able to separate completely from it's Creator and Maker.  It will always have to use the Creator's power, although in the blindness of thinking in the last stage of it's development, it thinks to be independent of any power standing above it.  The non-recognition of a power does not exclude the existence of such a power. ....

So if the being wants to separate from it's Creator, this happens only in it's own thinking, by consciously turning away it's will from the Divine will .... but it can never detach itself from it's Creator through such thinking, because this would be equivalent to "non-existence" .... A separation is therefore impossible, and the conscious turning away from God has only the consequence that this being does not strive for the liberation of the spirit, but prefers remaining in an unredeemed state, thus, puts itself back into the banished form, which it had already overcome .... and thus infinitely increases the gap between the Creator and itself, instead of reducing it.  And this decline is equal to an eternal damnation, because there endless times of unspeakable agony awaits the being .....

There is no non-existence .... only an unredeemed being .... The way to salvation is passable for every being, and all possible help is granted to him .... Only the union with God must be striven for, but not the distance from God .... God draws the beings to Himself in His infinite love, as long as they only look up to Him .... But if He finds resistance in the will of man and His love is not accepted, the bestowal of grace also ceases; however, the supply of strength from God is still granted to him as long as the earthly path has not yet been completed.

Only in the hereafter will the being who offered resistance, feel the lack of Divine power, it is then basically left to itself.  It has also then still the possibility to bridge the gap, however the danger is also close to fall down into endless depths, so the obduracy is so great that it even then still rejects all help.  And then the way down has been taken, which again ends in captivity .... that the being is again incorporated into the solid form and has to go through the course of it's higher development again for eternities, until finally, the separation of the creature from the eternal Creator is overcome .....




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